Wednesday, August 6, 2014

School lunch idea round up!

10 healthy fun quick and easy school lunch ideas

So both Hilary and I (Jessica) have little girls who will be going to "big girl school" this year...I'd say we were sad about it, but in actuality we're both ecstatic. And so are the girls! One of the hardest parts of school for us, though, is coming up with alternatives to boring old sandwiches for lunches. Because no matter how much your kid loves the classic Pb&J, (and if you school even allows peanut products!) they still get sick of the same old thing like anyone else. So today we've compiled a list of super cute, easy and healthy lunch ideas for back to school!

Make ahead crunchy breaded gluten-free chicken nuggets:

Sticky stacky sandwiches from Super Healthy Kids:

Peanut butter and banana "dogs" from Mixing Food and Family:

Pizza grilled cheese sandwiches with marinara dipping sauce:

Three Ingredient (and healthy!) Pumpkin Muffins

Apple wraps from the BabyCenter Blog:

Cream cheese raisin and waffle sandwiches from 100 Days of Real Food:

There you have it! Hopefully this inspires some lunch variety in your own house as well. And we always love more ideas, so if you have a quick, healthy lunch idea comment below and tell us about it. We just might try it for a future post!


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  2. I'm stealing these ideas for my work lunch! Especially the banana dogs! So yummy. Well done ladies, great post!

    Loving your blog, following on GFC xx

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