Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Reading Picks!

A few weeks ago, we did a What We're Loving series for summer.  Hilary's picks all revolved around her two favorite summer activities: running and reading (Jessica shared her picks a week later including awesome 90s music and gorgeous nail polish colors)!  We got such good feedback from people who were searching for a good summer read that we decided to share some more of our summer reading picks!

I've been reading a crazy eclectic mix of books but a few have really stood out over the last few weeks!

I read The Bees: A Novel through my library and was hooked.  I can't even begin to describe how interesting it is.  Every time I try to describe its awesomeness to my friends, they stare blankly at me.  "A book about bees...that are like people...but not?  Hmmm...."  But it is seriously interesting.  I literally could not put it down.  Read the first few pages, I promise you'll be intrigued!

One of our local thrift stores put all of their Jane Austen-related novels on sale, so my mom grabbed me several.  I didn't love some of them, but I liked Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict a lot!  It was quirky and cute and reminded me of one of my favorites movies (Lost in Austen)!

I randomly picked A Virgin River Christmas (A Virgin River Novel) from my library's e-book collection and discovered it was book 4 of a 18-book series (so far!) by Robyn Carr.  Titled the Virgin River series, its about a made-up town in northern California (where I'm from!) and each book focuses on the lives and romances of each resident.  These are cute, quick reads and I've read at least 10 so far!

My book choices haven't been as eclectic as Hilary's lately. I've been sticking fairly close to my favorite fiction and fantasy (also, I am aware they get lumped together in book stores, but they are wildly different genres, people! Don't get me started ranting.)

 I finished all three books in Ted Dekker's Circle Series 4-in-1 (The Circle Series), Red, Black and White. The plot is a little confusing...about a man who dreams of an alternate reality in Earth's future, while in the present he is the only person who can save the earth from a lethal virus in the hands of a megalomaniac. As strange as it sounds, it was fairly addictive, I blew through all three books in only a few days.

 Because I recently got into an epic 101 comment thread on Facebook with my friends about the butcher job Peter Jackson has been doing on The Hobbit; or, There and Back Again through his movies, I though I'd better read it again. And since I can read the Hobbit in about 45 minutes at this point, I read it in between chapters of the book below, which I'm currently reading. This is probably my favorite book, ever! It's like a fuzzy blanket and always makes me feel better to even just hold it. Seeing it on the shelf makes me smile.

The Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicle) was recommended by a friend of mine. It is the first book in a trilogy, and at first I was skeptical because he also informed me the trilogy was unfinished. UNFINISHED. I have a strict policy against starting unfinished series, because it makes me crazy! Like, climb-the-walls crazy.
But despite all that, I picked it up and haven't put it down. But I am dreading finishing the next book and then being left hanging, because by all accounts it's even better then the first one.

There you all have it! That's what we've been spending our time reading this summer (well, a small portion of it anyways). Any other good recommendations from you all? We're always looking for new books!


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