Sunday, June 1, 2014

no-sew polka dot top refashion

So it's Monday, and I (Jessica--hey that's me in the picture below! Hi!) have been sick and laying around in bed all weekend. So in the spirit of laziness, today I bring you a refashion that doesn't even require sewing. It barely qualified as a blog post! But hey, it's Monday.

no sew t-shirt refashion

This t-shirt refashion is another super easy fix that requires no sewing. Remember my slouchy tee I made just by cutting it up? This is another project you can do using only your scissors! Because sometimes sewing is just not necessary. Or I'm feeling lazy. Or both.

I got this polka-dot top for free from a friend, and I liked the swingy cropped shape a lot. But it had giant puffed sleeves. I do not do puffed sleeves. Even though I'm mostly not a "girly" girl, there are times I will indulge in some girliness. But puffed sleeves on me are not one of those indulgences, ever. They look awful on me, and they scream fussiness which I just can't handle. I was sad to have to give the shirt back, until I realized something really obvious:

no sew t-shirt refashion

And you get...ta da!

I actually did something a lot like this to my daughter's long-sleeved t-shirts last summer, in order to make them warm weather appropriate. So of course this should have occurred to me earlier. Oh well, at least I got a cute top out of it eventually! I blame being sick for my brain not working quite as quickly as it normally would.

no sew t-shirt refashion

So happy Monday! Hope you enjoyed my laziest craft ever. If you're looking for more lazy crafts (because really, those are the best kind) you can check out our DIY/crafts page.



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