Wednesday, May 21, 2014

remixing DIY: vintage Gap dress

A few weeks ago I showed you how I remixed my DIY Led Zepplin t-shirt from last fall. Though it strikes me as a little funny that today's outfit is SO different, (I went from rocker chick to girly girl--usually girly isn't my "thing") today I'm going to show you how I remixed my refashioned Gap dress from last summer!

Two things are immediately obvious when you compare last summer's picture to this one. 1. I have lost weight, and 2. I need a tan, like, yesterday. Oh my goodness do I need a tan.

Regardless of the need for a tan, I had fun re-styling this dress. If you follow us on Instagram you may have noticed that this isn't the first time this spring I've worn this dress (I wore it here). This is the one dress I was most excited to take out of storage this spring!

I actually loved this dress so much, that when I found it's pink sister at the thrift store this winter I bought it and refashioned it as well! What can I say? I'm a girl who knows what she likes. And apparently I like this dress a lot. Are you sensing a theme?

Crazily enough, all the elements of this outfit are DIY, except the shoes (and you know, underwear. Don't ever DIY that, it's taking things too far!) The necklace was made last year using our green necklace tutorial, and you can also see it worn here (or the red version here!). Oh yeah, and in the original picture of the dress. Ha! And here I thought I was being so original.

The lace crop top was something I hacked up from a very boring and prim lace t-shirt I thrifted this winter. The shoes are from JustFab.

Thanks for checking out my remix, and if you want to see some of our other outfits you can also look at them on our style page. And I'm always up for suggestions! How would you wear this dress?



  1. I love the outfit!! But um....I've totally been thinking about DIY underwear for a while. From scratch though- not upcycled!! Lol

    1. Amy...if you can manage it let me know! I will fall at your feet and worship at the alter of your sewing skillz. Personally I would never want to try, it would make me crazy trying to get it right, when Victoria already knows my secrets, lol.

  2. I can never figure out how to wear a crop top- This is it! NO showing my tummy ;-) You make this look good!

    1. Thanks Clarissa! I actually love crop tops, by they are really hard to wear, that's for sure! This is kind of a cheater way to do it but it works!

  3. I LOVE your remix here! The way that you wore it originally looks super cute, but the lace top just elevates it even more! Now you have me wanting to go out and thrift some old shirts to make into crop tops haha.

  4. I love it! it does not look like you are wearing the same dress at all. What difference it makes!!

    By the way, I just updated my blog with a new post. I’d love for you to swing by:


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