Sunday, May 11, 2014

Beaded Chain Necklace

beaded chain arrow necklace tutorial

One of my (Jessica's) favorite things about making jewelry is how inspired you can be by simply picking up some beads. These turquoise arrows grabbed me immediately, and I knew they'd be perfect for a casual summer necklace.

beaded chain arrow necklace tutorial

I made this chain long and added a clasp so that you can also wrap it around your wrist as a bracelet too. I love it when my jewelry can be multipurpose!

beaded chain arrow necklace tutorial

This necklace is a pretty simple project, really. It only takes a few basic supplies and about half an hour of time.

beaded chain arrow necklace tutorial

You'll need:
2 jump rings
eye pins (at least 10 to be safe)
chain, about 16 inches long
a clasp of some kind, mine is a lobster claw
beads you love!

beaded chain arrow necklace tutorial

1. Open your jump ring.
2. Thread one end of your chain onto the open jump ring.
3. Close the jump ring again.
4. On the other end of the chain, use a jump ring to collect the clasp.

beaded chain arrow necklace tutorial

5. Open the head of your head pin.
6. Cut your chain at a random point. You could do this an exact distance apart, but I chose randomness.
7. Thread your bead onto your head pin, and create another loop on the other end.
8. Close both loops around the cut parts of your chain. Repeat at random until you like the look of it, using more or less beads for an asymmetrical look:

beaded chain arrow necklace tutorial

And you're done!

beaded chain arrow necklace tutorial

You could rock this necklace with a billowy white t-shirt, leather gladiator sandals and cut offs to be all boho-chic. Or like me, you could inadvertantly choose a neon yellow shirt and lavender nails. 

Whatever. I was too lazy to change for the pictures! Good thing that color combo actually turned out looking pretty cool. I totally meant to do that.

beaded chain arrow necklace tutorial

If you loved this tutorial, you can check out more of our jewelry tutorials here. And if you make one of your own come back to show us, we love seeing your projects!



  1. lovely DIY,i love this cute piece
    thank you for sharing ,love you
    have a nice day

  2. Love this piece and realllllly love that it is DIY! So much better!
    thanks for sharing
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  3. I'm in love with your arrow necklace!!! I've never made jewelry but I'm thinking this is the one I need to get started with. Would you be willing to share this post and some of your other great ones at our Making Monday link party? We would love it and think our readers will, too. Thanks. Have a great week. :)

    Lori @ A Bright and Beautiful Life

  4. This is really pretty. I'll definitely try this. Thanks for sharing. Women accessories are always my favourite.


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