Thursday, May 15, 2014

A random outfit and a funny story

So this quick Thursday post is going to be a little random, and a little funny, and a little fashion-y. I (Jessica) am kind of always on my phone. Guilty! Partially this is because as a blogger it's tempting to always be plugged into social media and blog stats, and partially because I have out of town friends I like to stay in contact with regularly. (hey Suzzy, I'm looking at you, lady. I'm going to call you later today! And Miranda, text me if you're not working, I miss you!)

This outfit wasn't supposed to be a published outfit, this is actually what I wore to pick my daughter up from school. Our style photographer and I were doing lighting test shots in the early afternoon, and I was on my phone, working and checking my phone simultaneously. And I got yelled at, big time. Boy is she bossy insistent when she wants to be! I wonder where she could get that personality trait from...?

But of course she took photos of the process of me checking then getting off my phone, chastised. Because also like her Mommy, she also photographs everything. I really mean everything, we have some truly horrifying pictures of me floating around:

She's totally right, though! And as she's my daughter she has every right to demand my attention when she needs it, lol. I was neither able to fully focus on the test shots or reading email. It is a good reminder to enjoy the moment you're in, and really appreciate what's around you. A reminder I need and appreciate, especially coming from my precious little girl. So I apologized to her profusely, and put my phone away so I could focus on working with her, and check my email/social media/blog stats later when I could give my attention completely to that and really enjoy staying connected to people miss, and "working" online. Or at least not have photographic evidence! Emails are easier to respond to when you're not distracted anyways.

And because our photographer is also my daughter with a seriously fiendish streak, she then decided that our test shots needed to include a crazy hat, and that she needed to photograph me wearing it. For lighting purposes, of course.

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? Oh look, right there. I guess it's fitting punishment for not paying attention, right? Next time I'll make sure I don't annoy my photographer, and give her the proper attention she's due! (She really is my daughter! Just wait until she's a teenager, I'll get her back but good, lol). If you'd like to see some of our actual outfits that don't involve ridiculous hats, you can always head over to our style page.



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