Sunday, May 4, 2014

Red Dress 7 ways

If you remember, last Monday I showed you how to take in a dress on the sides. I also showed off my awesome new (well, new to me!) vintage red dress, and promised to show you how I styled it. Also it made for a good excuse to play dress up, which I never turn down. And I'm going to give credit to our fashion photographer for helping me accessorize these outfits. Also, more pictures taken after my haircut! You're welcome. (I'm pretending people care, humor me!)

The Cher Horowitz moment
 This was my tribute to the original inspiration for this dress; the red Alaia dress from the party scene in Clueless. I added a very minimalist white clutch, simple hoop earrings and strappy white heels, letting the dress speak for itself. Because it does speak for itself. Loudly.

My favorite
 This outfit is my absolute favorite. I cannot wait to wear it out! I just threw on a super lightweight white cashmere sweater over the dress, added nude heels and some gold accessories. In. Love. This will be perfect for going out at night during the summer, when it gets just a little bit chilly!

This is exactly how I would wear this dress for running errands with my kids all summer. I love the black low wedge heels which are easy to walk in but still add some height. And my beloved straw fedora (which I wore here, and here and here), simple layered chains and structured bag say "casual but not too casual." And honestly this is about as "casual" as I get.

If this dress were in a James Bond movie, this is how it would be worn. But in all seriousness, opaque black tights and black heels help make the super short length feel a bit more covered up, and a black belt defines my waist. I will never, ever wear this dress like this, unless I add a black blazer...hmmm.

The beach cover up
This outfit would be the perfect thing to throw on over my bikini this summer when I'm at the beach. Normally I would wear this blue chambray shirt by itself as a cover up, but adding the dress underneath makes it appropriate for a casual dinner afterwards as well.

Vintage on vintage
I'm breaking my own rule here about not wearing two vintage items in the same outfit. But in this case, I think it works! These two pieces are about 10 years apart, with the sequined silver top being from the early 80's, and the dress from the mid 90's. The black booties and geometric earrings give the dress an edgy, dressed-up feel, and the fact that the top covers so much helps balance out the short skirt.

On safari
This outfit is a little hilarious. I kind of love it, but I'm not sure where I would wear it? I have this problem with cargo vests in general. I feel like whatever I pair them with makes it look like I'm getting ready to go on safari and hunt...whatever it is that one hunts on safari. The hat probably doesn't help. But still, a cute outfit! Maybe one of you could suggest some place appropriate to wear it?

So that was me having fun! I've been looking forward to spring and summer all winter so that I could break out my dresses (though most of them are not quite this short). Which outfit is your favorite?



  1. Hello there I am Ada. I have stopped by here and commented before. Love your ladies' blog and your style. You are the queen of remixing. I did my first 30 for 30 challenge remix in April. You should check it out.

    Once again you did a beautiful job with this little red mini-dress. Though it looks awesome on its own, I love all the tops you paired it with too. They go well, especially the vest, chambray and that gorgeous sequined top, You did such a Fab Job!

    Have a Wonderful Cinco de Mayo. I welcome you to check out my blog. Thanks, Ada. =)

  2. I need to get better about remixing my closet staples, you make it look so easy!
    Just beautiful!!
    Ashley @

  3. Hi Jessica! I love the second one too! Perfect for a casual night out! LOVE. The safari look would totally work for lunch right? Or maybe just shopping? Either way - loving the red dress and now I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for one too! Julia

    1. Thanks Julia! I love that second look, though I might change out the shoes, depending on how "fancy" the place I was going was.

  4. Hi, great outfits :)

    Love how they all look different, very Creative :)

    Thanks for sharing over at Creative Mondays last week, your one of my features this week :)

  5. Hey Jessica! I popped over from Creative Mondays- you made so many cute outfits with this one red dress- I love what you did with it! I totally know what you mean about the Cargo vest- I used to own one and felt the same!x

  6. I love the red dress on it's own. I like it also with the spangly top and look great with the hat too. This is my first time to your site. I am from the Friday linky. I am now following you on bloglovin. I would also love it, if you want, to follow me as well.


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