Thursday, April 24, 2014

Only Chuck Norris can prevent forest fires. Also, rambling about fedoras. Happy Friday!

When I (Jessica) did my last 7x7 remix, I mentioned that I had this t-shirt refashion coming up, and some of you said you wanted to see it! Here he is, Chuck Norris is all of his glory:

*(oh yeah, still pre-haircut pics, sorry! I need to get on getting some more recent pictures, stat.)*

I bought this shirt because I found the graphic on the front, frankly hilarious. "Only Chuck Norris can prevent forest fires."

Oh Chuck Norris, is there anything you can't do?

This shirt is yet another one of these:

I love these tees, how they fit and how versatile they are. If you want to see just how versatile a refashioned men's tee can be you can check out how I styled one for spring 2014. But in case you missed the "official" tutorial, or don't feel like clicking on another link, here's what I did:

I cut the neckline off the shirt so it would fall off my shoulder, and then rolled up the sleeves and tacked them in place with a few machine stitches. Done. And then I rocked it like this:

This is outfit #1 from my boyfriend jeans 5 ways post. Doesn't Chuck look awesome? I will add that I can confidently say that I "rocked" this shirt, because one does not simply "wear" a shirt with Chuck Norris on it.

And can I just add how much I love this straw fedora from Target? I wore it last summer a lot, and you're going to see a lot more of it in the next few months to be sure.

Generally I'm not a hat girl, but I love this one! The only hat I've ever liked as much was an actual men's fedora of my friends, that I really wish now that I'd stolen from him! Now I can't look at any outfit (like this one) with this straw fedora without thinking how much better that greyish men's version would look. Boo!

So anyways, enough about hats. There you have it! Another super simple project of my favorite kind; the kind that requires about ten minutes, and still allows time for me to ramble about hats afterwards. If you're looking for more projects, you can check those out here. And if you make a slouchy tee of your own, be sure to send us pictures so we can show them off!



  1. Seriously cute! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Thanks for the great tutorial! I cut a shirt once, but I had no clue what I was doing and ruined it. Oh and I really want a Chuck Norris shirt. Hilarious!

  3. I love this and have been waiting for it! :D LOVE I don't think hubs has heard this Chuck meme, he's going to enjoy it! Thank you for posting your Chuck Norris refashion!

    1. No problem! I wasn't going to talk about refashions and not share them with you all for sure! Let me know what your hubs thinks too, lol.

  4. You ROCK that slouchy tee! Great project!

    Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us at Show-Licious Craft & Recipe Party! I hope you will join us again this Saturday at 8:00 am EST!

    ~ Ashley

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