Thursday, April 17, 2014

Help! I need to choose an Easter dress and I'm stuck.

Easter. Easter means Easter egg hunts, kids in their best clothes (covered with chocolate), and giant family dinners. It also means dressing up, especially if you go to church like I do.

Easter means a rare opportunity in my life to really, really dress up. Because most days I look like this (ie very very casual). And I love dressing up. But the problem is that whenever I have to choose a "fancy" dress I completely freeze. This exact thing happened when I went to my friend's wedding last summer. I like to get advice in these situations, last time my friend/personal stylist Scott helped out (it was his wedding after all!), but this time I thought I'd ask for help from the general public. Because the general public also has had some fantastic advice so far!

So here you go. HELP! Bonus: I get to finally show you all my new haircut!

**Thanks everyone for all your help! Come see which dress I chose here!**

Choice #1: In which I wear pink
I almost never wear pink. But this dress makes me look tan.

Choice #2: In which I wear crazy
This is actually part of a salwar kameez (I'm pretty sure, correct me if I'm wrong).You can't tell, but it's slit up both sides about eight inches so it runs the risk of being a little revealing.

Choice #3: In which I eat my words and wear both lace and ruffles at once
I never wear lace. Or ruffles. I am very vocal about this. But I will eat my words for this dress because it's awesome, though I would probably wear a cardigan over it. Also, hey look! My haircut!

Choice #4: In which I wear vintage
This is a handmade vintage 1960's silk dress. It was $4. It's part of my ridiculous collection of formal dresses I don't need but couldn't pass up.

So what do you all think? Which one? I'll post a pic on Monday of the final choice!


  1. We have one official vote for the pink dress!

  2. Ah, I love them all! I vote for vintage or ruffled/lace. :-)

  3. The vintage! It's gorgeous and spring like without being too obvious.

  4. I vote for #4. The color is fabulous and you look great in it!

  5. Pink or vintage!!!!!!! They are wicked cute!!!!!!!

  6. The second one is absolutely FANTASTIC. I'm totally in love with this! Maybe you could wear a short nude-colored slip under it to keep the slits from being scandalous in church?

  7. I like #1 and #4:) #1 is more eveningish! Have fun, Happy Easter, love your fashion posts!

  8. I hought number four looked best.

  9. They're all so cute I really like the 1st pink one and that blue one looks fantastic on you!

  10. I love all but the crazy, sorry! Thanks for linking up to WIWW. Please add the badge or link to your post :)

    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰


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