Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fringe earrings tutorial

So it's been a while since we shared our last jewelry tutorial. With winter comes turtlenecks and chunky scarves and hats...and not a lot of jewelry showing under all those layers. Now that it's spring (and I don't have to see another scarf until October!) it seemed like an appropriate time to start making some cute jewelry again!

I (Jessica) have had the idea for these earrings in my head since last fall. And with all things fringed being a huge trend for spring/summer 2014, this seemed like the perfect time to make these.

I give you...the fringe earrings!

These earrings are funky, go with everything, and super simple to make! They're made of odds and ends from other projects, earrings that are missing their mate, and old chains I didn't wear any more. The perfect way to repurpose old jewlery into something new!

I started with the pile of chains you see above, as well as some turquoise beads from another pair of old earrings. Just a jumble of stuff I was never going to wear again.

Here's what you'll need to make your own: 1. Two pieces of memory wire, cut and with a loop created at one end (tutorial for how to do that here)
2. Two earring hooks
3. An assortment of small beads and jump rings of various sizes
4. An assortment of lengths of different chains, cut to about 1 inch in length.

1. Take your piece of memory wire (and if you haven't already, create an eye loop on one end)
2. Slide one small bead on, then begin adding your lengths of chain by sliding the wire through the top loop.
3. Keep adding chains and beads randomly.
4. Once you like the look of the amount of "fringe" you have, slide another small bead on the other side to finish it off.

5. On the other end of your piece of memory wire, create another eye loop, this one leave open. Slip this second loop through the first to create your hoop.
6. Inside the second loop, place your earring hook. Close your loop and you're done!

I love that there are so many mixed metals in these, it makes them easy to wear with almost any color or outfit. If you want to see how I styled them, you can see how I wore them with almost every outfit from my last 7x7 remix. If you're looking for more of our jewelry tutorials, you can find those here. And as always, if you make something from one of our tutorials, please send us a picture. We would love to feature your creations on the blog!



  1. How cute are these? I love them! Great repurpose for all my old jewelry odds and ends!

  2. WAAAANNNNTT!!! *makes grabby fingers and pathetic sounds*


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