Monday, April 14, 2014

boyfriend jeans: five ways

how to wear boyfriend distressed jeans

 So I (Jessica) love the boyfriend jeans trend. I love the juxtaposition of super casual destroyed jeans and cute tops. But the problem is that I was under the impression that they only look good on ladies like these:

Courtesy of
In case you don't know, that is Rachel Bilson. She is about nine pounds sopping wet, and she is lanky and skinny enough to make those jeans look good. I was pretty skeptical about my ability to pull them off as a real woman.

But I also like a challenge. I like being outside my comfort zone. And so in true Jessica form I DIYed my own pair of boyfriend jeans using a beat up pair I already owned in a size too big. I just distressed them some more, hacked off the hems and rolled them up, and now I have my very own pair of trendy jeans without spending any money! Because I'm cheap like that. I own it.

I think I did a pretty good job styling them, actually. I will say that this isn't the most flattering trend on my body I've ever seen, but it was really fun and they turned out to be easy to combine with just about anything.

*more pre-haircut pictures!* 

how to wear boyfriend distressed jeans

So here is how I took my new DIY pair of jeans and styled them. Just to see if I could. Let the experimenting commence:

My new Chuck Norris slouchy tee, sunglasses (because I never leave the house without them!) and my favorite summer hat with wedge heels.  
how to wear boyfriend distressed jeans
Shoes: old, stolen from my mom// Jeans: American Eagle (old & DIY'd)// Belt: thrifted// Sunglasses: thrifted// Shirt: DIY// Hat: Target

I'll wear this outfit. For sure. Probably six times in the next month. This is completely within my comfort zone and I actually like the beat-up jeans with the DIY slouchy tee. And since I have many of these tees now and 12 pairs of sunglasses in every color, it won't be hard to repeat over and over again!

Leopard peplum top, chevron earrings and black peep-toed booties:
how to wear boyfriend distressed jeans
Peplum top: Target// Jeans: American Eagle (old & DIY)// Shoes: Steve Madden// Earrings: F21

This look was totally me playing dress up for the fun of it, and completely outside my comfort zone. Though I do love a harder look sometimes (like here) I almost NEVER wear this much eye makeup. And that, my friends, is a full on 60's style cat eye in black. Intense. I do love the booties with the jeans, and the peplum top gives me some curves! This could be a fun "going out" outfit. I'm glad I went out of my comfort zone, but looking at this picture makes me snicker because it doesn't even look like me! That actually girl scares me a little bit, glaring icily at the camera.

My favorite striped tank from last year, neutral vest, and grey converse all star low tops:
how to wear boyfriend distressed jeans
Tank: Thrifted// Jeans: American Eagle (old & DIY)// Shoes: Converse// Vest: Victoria's Secret// Earrings: DIY

I will probably wear this look again, however. Converse + distressed jeans = gold. I would also wear this with a floaty spaghetti strap floral tank top for when it's too hot to layer on the vest (because people, here in southern Idaho it gets to be 112 degrees in high summer). In fact I have exactly the perfect tank top in mind! I'm going to have to go pull that out of my closet now...oh wait, I wore that one today already.

In which lots of bows are involved. Sequined tank, delicate heels with tiny bows, sweet headband with a bow.
how to wear boyfriend distressed jeans
Tank: Express// Jeans: American Eagle (old & DIY)// Shoes: Kate Spade (thrifted!)// Headband: stolen from my daughter

Yeah I'll be honest, I've worn this outfit out before. This is the only look I've ever actually worn with these jeans (before they were DIY'd)! I added a black Calvin Klein blazer and earrings instead of the headband, though. I love this combo, it's the perfect thing to wear on a girl's night out. The headband made me feel silly, as you can probably tell.

A button up lace crop top, clear crystal necklace and pink shoes. I own pink shoes now! 
how to wear boyfriend distressed jeans
Top: Vintage// Shoes: American Eagle// Jeans: American Eagle (old & DIY)// Necklace: handmade gift from a friend

I would maybe wear this outfit, since I've already experimented with crop tops this spring I'm getting more comfortable with them, but it's still a little weird to have my abs exposed! Though I do think this gorgeous vintage lace top is actually pretty flattering, I'll probably wear a tank under it next time because it *ahem* buttons up the front. This look is a little more feminine then I usually do as well, but I love those shoes with this outfit!

Well let me know your opinions on this trend! Do you guys think I pulled off this look? How would you style these jeans?



  1. I am loving all your outfits. Number 2 is my favorite!! I know you said outside your comfort zone and to much makeup, but you OWN that look. The eye makeup is amazing!! Very in at the moment (and in the 60s lol). LOVING the booties with the rolled pants. Actually love everything about that look. If you have a moment, I would be so appreciative if you would link this to my weekly beauty party! Please and Thank You

  2. My favorite was number two as well. You look great.

  3. I agree! Number 2 for the win! I LOVE the eye makeup. It looks amazing and makes your eyes majorly pop. I've never seen you with your hair in a ponytail before - very chic! And of course the boyfriend jeans are just fab. Can you explain how you roughed them up, or were they already like that? BTW the pink shoes rock!

  4. I love all the looks, I think the hat with the green t is my fave. Please share at the Anything Goes weekly linky, if you have not already.

  5. Love! How did you rough them up - I have a pair of jeans that are a little big, and I never wear them... maybe they could work? They're not really "skinny" through the leg though... They say skinny, but they lie. :)


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