Tuesday, April 1, 2014

7 X 7 remix time! TWELVE outfits from 7 pieces of clothing! Also, the longest post ever.

It's that time again! Time for the 7x7 clothing remix over at Ma Nouvelle Mode and Walking in Grace and Beauty. I (Jessica) have done this challenge before and had so much fun! Every time I learn more about how to use my clothes in unexpected ways.

In case you don't know what the 7x7 remix is, here's the basic idea: You choose 7 items of clothing from your closet and remix them into at least 7 outfits. Previously I've only done 7, but this time I decided to be an overachiever and do 12 outfits. Yeah, 12. When I overachieve I fully commit to it! To add to the challenge I also limited myself to 2 pairs of shoes, and 4 accessories (earrings, bangles, necklace & belt).

Here are my 7 pieces:

1. My DIY bad wolf t-shirt
2. Victoria's Secret vest
3. Green tank top
4. DIY cropped white sweater
5. Vintage black high-waisted skirt
6. Old Navy skinny jeans
7. Vintage Betsey Johnson maxi dress

Here are my 12 outfits:

I didn't realize until after I had photographed these outfits how...*ahem* dark these ended up looking once they were put together. It's supposed to be spring! flowey dresses! Florals! Bright colors! But this is one of those times when my clothing choices reflect my general mood, and since I've been in something of a "dark" mood recently...I got unintentional angry-rocker-chick-esque clothing combos. But I did throw in a floral and a bright color for good measure!

vintage dress by itself

Dress: Vintage Betsey Johnson// Shoes: (not pictured) Steve Madden booties// Belt: thrifted

My God, this dress. I am IN. LOVE. with this bias cut, sheer Betsey Johnson 90's maxi dress. I used this dress in 5/12 outfits, and I could have made at least one more. If not two.

Green shirt + cropped sweater + jeans

Shirt: Monteau// Sandals: JustFab// Sweater: DIY// Bracelets: thrifted// Earrings: DIY

This look just screams preppy chic. I love the colors together, and the white sweater actually looks really cute with this top, which I wasn't sure about. I like that the sweater sits at my natural waist and breaks up the expanse of green. I'm not naturally very curvy (more of a boyish body type) and this sweater makes me look like I have curves! Hooray!

vintage dress + cropped sweater

Dress: vintage Betsey Johnson// Shoes: Steve Madden booties// Sweater: DIY// Earrings: DIY

Ok I just have to say again...my God this dress...and adding the white sweater was a no-brainer. The sweater is a perfect feminine topper in case the spring weather gets a bit chilly, but still shows off the sheer straps of the dress. I'll be showing you how I made it here in the next couple of weeks!

vintage dress + bad wolf tee

T-shirt: DIY// Necklace: H&M// Dress: Vintage Betsey Johnson// Shoes: Steve Madden booties

This shirt and dress together are slightly unexpected, yes, but I like how the shirt gives the outfit a kind of grunge-y feeling. Very 90's. And that goofy look on my face is my version of "blue steel." Also I'm turning to the left.

polka dot skirt + green top

Top: Monteau// Skirt: vintage// Shoes: JustFab// Necklace: H&M

Before this outfit I had never tried to tuck this green top into anything. I will be doing that little trick again, let me tell you! I bought this vintage high-waisted skirt (which sits exactly on my natural waist) to go with my DIY crop tops this summer, but apparently it also looks fabulous with shirts tucked into it. Score! Though I will have to be careful, this is almost a full circle skirt so it was a little risky to wear in the wind.

polka dot skirt + bad wolf tee

T-shirt: DIY// Necklace: H&M// Bracelet: thrifted// Shoes: Steve Madden

Yeah. Combining the bad wolf tee and the skirt seemed like a good idea at the time. I actually kind of love this outfit, but unless I was going to a concert of the hard rock/metal variety I wouldn't wear this normally, at least not with those shoes! It's a little too dark even for me, and I love the hard edged stuff.

green top + vest + jeans

Jeans: Old Navy// Sandals: JustFab// Vest: Victoria's Secret (c/o my friend Miranda)// Bracelets: thrifted// Earrings: DIY// Top: Monteau

This is how I would normally wear this green top. I love this top, it's so versatile and it's the thinnest, silkiest material ever so I stay nice and cool. The vest is magical, it dresses anything up and makes it look more polished. Check it out here in an outfit from last spring.

vintage dress + vest

Dress: vintage Betsey Johnson// Shoes: Steve Madden// Vest: Victoria's Secret// Bracelets: thrifted// Earrings: DIY

Like I said, this vest magically dresses up anything and makes it look like a complete outfit. The dress by itself would be a little boring with no belt, but add a vest and I've got an outfit! An outfit I will absolutely wear again.

bad wolf tee + vest + jeans

T-shirt: DIY// Vest: Victoria's Secret// Necklace: H&M// Jeans: Old Navy// Shoes: Steve Madden

Also, this vest magically makes my DIY bad wolf t-shirt look a little classier. Or not. But it does make it a little more interesting then just the shirt and jeans by itself. And it also plays down the rocker vibe that the shirt + booties are creating.

bad wolf tee + jeans + cropped sweater

T-shirt: DIY// Sweater: DIY// Sandals: JustFab// Jeans: Old Navy// Earrings: DIY

This I would actually wear. I love the white and black together, I love the DIY earrings with the combo, I love that the shoes help play down the rocker feel of the t-shirt. Win. Though it is a bit weird that the only word you can read on the shirt is "wolf" from under the sweater.

green top + jeans

Top: Monteau// Sandals: JustFab// Jeans: Old Navy// Bracelets: thrifted// Earrings: DIY

The green top and jeans is also kind of a no-brainer. I feel like this would be a little basic if not for the bangles and earrings and the bright color of the shirt.

vintage dress + bad wolf tee + vest

Dress: vintage Betsey Johnson// Vest: Victoria's Secret// Necklace: H&M// T-shirt: DIY// Shoes: Steve Madden

This is my 90's grunge band groupie look. I have to be honest, I tried the vest on with practically every other piece I chose, and it looked great with everything. Even the crazy combo of this dress and bad wolf shirt!

I hope you all enjoyed my playing dress-up, I had a blast as always. Tell me which one is your favorite, I'd love to hear from you! and can you guess which one is my favorite?



  1. Your favorite us the polka dot skirt + bad wolf tee. It's my fave too:) and look at all your new poses! You have got it down now, girl!

  2. I am torn between the polka dot shirt/bad wolf tee and the bad wolf tee/vest/jeans. They all look great!

    1. I love the tee/vest/jeans combo! I don't know what it is about that vest but it works some magic.

  3. Awesome. I need to pack light for a trip what a great way to maximize your outfits and save room on your suit case. Dropping in from @DearCreatives Theresa

  4. Hi I did the Challenge as well. I think your shoes is suppose to be one of the items? I so like the Dress idea. I am Peacock-Style. Have a good day.

  5. i love that you showed 12 outfits instead of 7. way to go. i love them all.

  6. Love your looks especially the high waisted skirt. It's super cute!

  7. Dang girl! That's a pretty impressive remix!! I LOVE that dress too, what a find!! As usual, love your remixes!

    1. Thanks Natalia! I love this challenge and look forward to it every season!

  8. This is a great remix. This would be great to refer to when packing for a trip.

  9. Well done! I'm tempted to try this myself, but I'm not sure how well I'd do!

  10. You're adorable!! You did a great job, 12 outfits! Wow!
    Thanks for linking up!

  11. love it! I need to get better about mixing and matching- this is great inspiration!

  12. I missed the link up! I did this last summer and it was a blast! I can't believe you made 12 outfits! That dress is quite lovely. No wonder you like it!
    Stopping by from the Look What I Got for Cheap link up :)
    Exploring My Style

  13. That is such a fun idea, I love the tshirt with the maxi skirt!

  14. I love that skirt with buttons down the front!

  15. Great photos! You look awesome. Love the idea of mixing and matching pieces.

  16. I wouldn't know it was so few different items! All the outfits look so unique and different. Thanks for linking up for Look What I Got last week.  Hope to see you back tomorrow!
    Penniless Socialite
    $30 J. Crew Giveaway!

  17. I love the whole collection! You are so creative!



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