Wednesday, March 19, 2014

remixing DIY: The perfect slouchy tee

Yay! For a fun look back at some of my favorite DIY projects from last year, I thought I'd do a series on how I'm wearing those same pieces this year! Because sometimes it's really fun to make a piece of clothing, but it's hard to know how to actually wear it. When I was thinking about writing this series this tee was the very first project that popped into my mind:

remixing diy slouchy tee shirt tutorial

Last September some of you may remember I did a tutorial for making your own perfect slouchy tee:

I can't tell you how many times I've worn this thing, it's turned into one of my go-to tee shirts for a lazy day. You can see how I styled it for fall/winter here. I also made a Star Wars version later on, which you can see in this post here paired with a sequined skirt. Because I'm crazy like that. I've got a Chuck Norris version in the works right now, no joke.

Today I'm going to show you how I styled my slouchy tee for this spring:

remixing diy slouchy tee shirt tutorial

Now that I'm looking at these two pictures, I'm realizing that they're actually not that different...apparently I need some more imagination!

remixing diy slouchy tee shirt tutorial
Bag: Thrifted// Shoes: Target// Necklace: H&M// Jeans: Old Navy //Shirt: DIY

Basically I reused my summer formula from last year of denim + bright shoes, but instead of a denim skirt wore dark skinny jeans. And instead of my vintage rainbow shoes, wore these awesome bright red shoes from Target. Can we talk about how much I love these shoes? It's a little unhealthy. You'll be seeing them a lot in the next few months, I promise. And the red brings out the tiny pops of color in the tee shirt's design. See Mom? I promise I wear color sometimes!

I did add the amazing necklace from H&M that I'm also obsessed with. I found it on clearance and have been wearing it with everything! I love that the mixed metals and geometric grid pattern have a hard edge, but it's still light and delicate enough to not overpower the outfit.

remixing diy slouchy tee shirt tutorial

Well there you have my first successful remix! I'll be doing several of these over the next couple of months, and I'd love some suggestions from you all on different ways I could wear this tee! What do you think, and ideas on how else I could remix this?


  1. I love the slouchy tee! I think I am shopping at the wrong places, but I can never find a slouchy tee so this is perfect! Um I want to see the Chuck Norris tee!!! VERY COOL!

  2. Love it . . . looks so comfy!

    First time visitor from You Made It and Love It Linky Party . . . hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)


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