Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oh Target, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways...

So really it's no secret that Hilary and I (Jessica) LOVE Target. Doesn't everyone? We went on an impromptu quick girls shopping trip together recently, and thought for a laugh we'd share our favorite things at Target for spring, and give you guys a look at what we're like when we go out together.

Of course we looked at clothes...because why would you NOT look at clothes at Target?

Jessica: Those are my headless legs with that striped skirt. I'm actually really sad now that I didn't buy the skirt and "meow" sweatshirt to go with it! I may have to go back, I've been jonesing for an ugly cat sweatshirt and this one was perfect. But alas, I am cheap, so I will probably wait until it goes on super-ultra clearance. Or lust after it from afar.

I will also add that Hilary's reaction to the ugly cat sweatshirt was a very tactful "Huh." (Said in what she calls her Social Worker Voice). Which in Hilary language means "If you buy it don't wear it in public with me." She always gives me her tactful but honest opinion, and I love her for it! She keeps me from looking like a grunge band groupie most days (truth, check out this post for proof). Without her influence I would probably live in my Nirvana tee shirt and converse. She keeps me feminine.

Hilary:  I literally did a double-take when I saw the amazing orange and white skirt.  Its paisley, but so graphic that it looks modern.  And its bright flippin' orange.  You all know how I feel about bright colors...(note my bright aqua scarf!)

Jessica: She's not kidding, this crazy colorful outfit is typical of Hilary!

Hilary: I also loved this sheer black top above top right.  It was tough to capture the beautiful detail of the ribbing, but it would a gorgeous work top layered under a blazer. *swoon*

Jessica: We were admittedly a little shocked to see swimsuits already...especially since I am about the same shade as a piece of printer paper right now. But actually these were pretty cute, and I absolutely salivated over the bustier style bikini top on the top right, but I wanted it in pink! The pink fringed bikini wasn't bad either, but I'm going to be 30 soon and I feel like maybe fringe might be a little "young" for me at that point.

Hilary: Hmmm...more orange.  I loved the orange bikinis, but loved the mint polka dot ones the most (I love the coral + mint color combo).

Jessica: I also went crazy over these cute little pieces of art! I was torn between "Dear Coffee" and "Talk Nerdy to Me." I want both of these to put in my work space! Who am I kidding, my work space is our living room. But in my head I imagine a nice quiet office free of toys and screaming with these hanging on the walls:
Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook personally will realize now that the "Talk Nerdy to Me" art piece is now my cover picture for my profile, lol.

Hilary: More mint..drool (*said in a zombie tone of voice*).  Can you tell I'm a one-track pony this spring?  I love the color as well as the interesting designs in the storage baskets below (its like psuedo-paisley-ish lace magic!), but they are still plastic and more sturdy than some fabric or cloth baskets.  These would look amazing in my daughter's room (or my bathroom...or laundry room...or office...the list goes on!). :)

Jessica: I was kind of loving the pink and gold jewelry box. I would like to say it was for my daughter's room....but who am I kidding? That would be for mommy!

Hilary: Plus that sweater knit blanket was amazing.  I want one for my couch.  Bad.  I'm one of those weird people that needs a blanket to cuddle with...even in the summer.  Although in my defense, we keep our house real cool in the summer.

So what about you?  What spring trends are you excited about?  Is Hilary the only one mumbling mint, more mint in a zombie voice?  Should paisley stay in back in the 1970s?  Do you guys use a throw blanket in the summer? Should Jessica buy the ugly cat sweatshirt?

Thanks for virtually shopping with us!
~Jessica & Hilary

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