Tuesday, February 18, 2014

We're guest posting today! We've been doing that a lot lately...

...but today we're extra excited, last week we did a guest posting for the amazing Amy from Sews'n'Bows! Amy has been our bloggy buddy from almost the very beginning of Domestic Bliss Squared! She and Jessica bonded over their love of Nirvana t-shirts, turning 30, and the terminal uncoolness of sewing for dolls. This month we decided to (finally) guest post for each other for Valentine's day, and we could not be more excited. Amy posted this super cute tutorial for a Valentine's day hair bow too just for our blog a few days ago!

So today head over to Sews'n'Bows and check out Jessica's tutorial for sewing a romantic maxi skirt for an 18 inch doll. Because Jessica also suffers from terminal doll-sewing uncoolness:


And say hi to Amy while you're there for us! Because she is also awesomely talented and we promise you'll adore her blog as much as we do.

~Jessica & Hilary


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