Sunday, February 23, 2014

The magic of shoes, and 5 tips for using shoes to change an outfit.

using shoes to change an outfit

Ah, shoes. I just need a minute to bask in their glory.

So today I (Jessica) am going to justify what my husband calls "the shoe problem" in our house. As in I have to many shoes, and apparently that's a problem! HA! Just because my seasonal shoes alone take up the entire floor of our closet, or that my "fancy" shoes take up a giant bin in our storage shed.

But it's not a problem, per se, it's an investment. See, shoes have this magical property that can totally transform the mood of any outfit. Don't believe me? Well today I'm going to prove it to you. Below I have four different outfits, and I've changed them each by only swapping out one item: my shoes!

Outfit #1: Yes I know, an almost 30 year old woman in knee socks is hilarious (that's me!), but let's get past that shall we? Know what else I had to get past? The fact that it was 28 degrees and there was snow on the ground when I took these pictures! Ack! I know, I know, but I wanted to have something at least remotely spring-y for this post. I'm hard core when it comes to outfit photos. So anyways here is my orange floral dress with grey knee socks:
using shoes to change an outfit
Left to right: Navy blue Converse All Star's/ Steve Madden heels/vintage black biker boots (real ones! The toes on these things could withstand a car rolling over them. You can also see them here.)

Outfit #2: this outfit is one of my favorites I've shared with you so far. This is my most favorite top ever (you can also see it here) that I made myself. My DIY coral version of the green necklace tutorial, a big slouchy Gap sweater (from my white sweater collection), and a brown felt Nine West hat.
using shoes to change an outfit
From left to right: Riding boots, black slouchy leather flat boots, and Steve Madden peep toe booties.

Outfit #3: Super awesome vintage leopard dress paired with a chunky Lacoste sweater and black tights. The Lacoste sweater isn't my favorite with this dress actually, now that I'm looking at it. But it was warm! Far more practical then outfit #1!
using shoes to change an outfit
On the left I'm wearing brown riding boots, and on the right I've got on (again) my beloved peep toed black Steve Madden booties (you can also see them here).

Outfit #4: orange Michael Kors sweater I paired with a vintage dress (that you can also see me wear here) black leggings and a basic pendant necklace that I've been wearing everywhere. My lovely co-workers gave this necklace to me as a going away present when we moved from Washington to Boise:
using shoes to change an outfit
From left to right, I'm wearing gray booties from JustFab, Target leopard print flats, and taupe slouchy boots.

Tips for changing an outfit with shoes:
1. If you have to choose one pair of "emergency going out" shoes in your car, make it black heels. In three of these four outfits, all I did was add black heels and it changed the whole mood! If you hate wearing heels or it's not practical, a pair of metallic flats will also work.

2. To add a little interest to an outfit, choose brightly colored shoes, or a pair with pattern (like the leopard pair in outfit #3). This way, your shoes are memorable, so if you swap them out it makes maximum impact.

3. If you want to look dressed up, wear heels. Period. You can dress nicely in a fancy pair of flats, but the easiest way is with heels and they make any outfit look date night worthy.

4. Heels can also sometimes be way too much! In outfit #2 above, black heels look more dressed up, but wearing them to the grocery store would have been ridiculous.

5. Don't be afraid to try shoes that don't "go" with your outfit: In outfit #1 the biker boots are not exactly the obvious choice. Nor are the converse for that matter. But I tried something new and it (sort of) worked. Or didn't. But at least I tried!

Well I hope I at least entertained you today, and if I have managed to help even one other woman justify her "Shoe Problem" I'm considering my job here done!



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