Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Outfit: vintage leopard dress

Check it out everyone, this is my "90's model shot" according to my super sweet friend Suzzy who likes to tell me I'm not crazy for posting pictures of myself on the internet constantly:

The 90's part is applicable, because I'm pretty sure this dress is as old as I am. Wait, that would mean it's not quite as old as I am. But close.

Since I posted my interview with our style photographer earlier this week and included this outfit, I thought I would post it now to further show off her skills. And also because though it's snowy out there today, I'm hoping that I don't have too many days left before outfits that include giant sweaters, tights and boots aren't appropriate anymore. Spring is coming, right? RIGHT?!?

And also because it's been forever since I actually posted an outfit, Hilary has been doing those for the last month or so, and was due. I've been wearing cute clothes I promise!

Anyways, I actually wore this silk vintage leopard print dress to church recently and decided that I kind of love it, though admittedly this much leopard isn't for everyone. It was a little much even for me, and my love of leopard print has been well documented! The dress also boarders on too short when I can't wear tights with it (which is going to happen soon...please) so hopefully adding the tights made it slightly more church appropriate. But needless to say I won't be wearing it to church without the tights!

I did add this gigantic cozy black sweater to dress it down a bit, and also because it's still pretty cold. Only about 25-30 degrees, not cold enough for me to actually lower myself to wearing a real coat, but pretty cold for this northern WA born girl.

Boots: Steve Madden// Dress: Vintage// Sweater: Lacoste// Clutch: HOBO International// Necklace: ancient, I have no idea

God willing this will be the last outfit post I need to do with a sweater and tights for the year! I'm seriously tempted to break out my spring clothes and suffer the cold at this point.



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