Sunday, February 2, 2014

How to a Team!

On Friday, we shared that we had been asked to share tips and tricks for blogging as part of Plucky's Blogging Tips and Tricks Series.  One of the first questions we get when we share that we own a blog is..."how do you guys work together?"  People always want to know how we decide who does what on our blog and how it works doing something so personal with your best friend!

So we immediately knew we wanted to share:
how to blog as a team

If you're interested in tips about blogging with two people or just want to know a little bit more about how our blog works, cruise on over to Plucky's Second Thought and read our post!  Don't forget to read the other helpful posts as well!  There is some really helpful information about site design, social media and more going on all week!  There is also a pretty awesome giveaway that you can enter (click here to see information about the series and scroll down to see the awesome giveaway prizes and entry form!).

We hope you like it!
~Hilary & Jessica

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