Friday, February 7, 2014

Heart Hair Clips

So I'll be honest, I (Jessica) am not really that big on Valentine's day. *GASP!* I know, I know, I'm a bad blogger! But honestly this is one holiday we don't make a huge deal out of in our house. But I'm not the meanest mommy ever, and so I usually do some quick and easy Valentine's Day crafts for my daughter, who is obsessed.

The thing that I did make for her this year was a bunch of hair accessories. Because heart shaped hair clips on a little girl will last all year! After the super easy sparkly bow headband I made last year was such a success, I knew these little clips would go over well. And because we love hair clips, we actually have three hair clip tutorials (including this one) coming in the next week, so get ready!

I found these little fabric hearts at the dollar store back in December (I KNOW! What the heck?!?) and bought them knowing I would do this project once February rolled around. You could easily make your own version of the hearts by sewing two pieces of fabric or felt together with batting in the middle, but I chose the easy way. Glue gun, glue dots and pre-made hearts for me!

1. I took two hearts out of the whole bag. I think there were about 8 total in there, for $1!
2. Stick one side of the glue dot to the back of the heart.
3. Stick the other side of the glue dot to your hair clip, then put  a big glob of hot glue over the top of the clip and make sure it's spread around so it covers most of the glue dot.
4. Hold your clip open while the glue dries! Once it's dry, you're done!

This is exactly the kind of Valentine's Day project I like. My girl is super happy and loves having more clips to add to her collection, and I'm happy because I was told I am "the bestest mommy ever!" If you want to see some more easy and quick crafts, you can check those out here. Have a fantastic weekend, I know I will!



  1. What the heck is a glue dot, & why haven't I heard of them before?!!! Fabulous find, all those hearts for a dollar. I need to shop with you. And we could go half on a warehouse to keep all our treasure in. Love these clips!!


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