Monday, February 3, 2014

Domestic Bliss Squared Staff Spotlight: Interview with our style photographer!

For those of you who have been following our blog for a while, you may remember when I (Jessica) introduced the youngest and newest member of our staff. Today we're going to do a little behind the scenes interview with Jill, our adorable resident style photographer. This is one talented girl! Her work includes beautiful shots like these:

Keep reading to see more!

Today I thought I would interview the talented Jill, who also happens to be my (Jessica's) 5 1/2 year old daughter! I wanted to get her perspective on what it's like to work here at Domestic Bliss Squared. Jill takes almost all of my outfit photos, and also designs her own dresses and works as one of our child models when "paid" extra in candy.

A little about Jill:

"I am 5. I like sparkly stuff, and My Little Ponies, and Barbies, and Tinkerbell and all kinds of stuff. I like to eat macaroni and cheese (when mommy doesn't burn it) or tofu and rice, or butter chicken. I love to snuggle and have fun with everybody! I also love to watch My Little Ponies and Spiderman." 

What kind of pictures do you like to be in?

"I like to be in pictures where I'm all fancy and colorful! This is my favorite outfit I wore for the blog:"

I love her funky poses. This is so Jill!

"I like this picture because I am wearing my flower shoes that are sparkly. And I like my big BIG bow (c/o MeggieKate Boutique) and my sunglasses. I like wearing sunglasses because they make my eyes look fancy in the sunshine (what a coincidence, I feel the same way!) And I like the pink bracelet I'm wearing, you made it for me!"

What was your favorite picture that you have taken of Mommy so far? 

"I liked the pink dress, it doesn't really look pink, but it was a really bright pink so I liked it. I liked taking this picture because it was a really bright pink, um, and you're wearing 'nice' blue tennis shoes" (said in a very skeptical voice--the Converse were not her favorite!)

How did you learn to take pictures?

"You (meaning Jessica) showed me how. You showed me what all the buttons do [on the camera] and I figured out how to take pictures. Usually we take pictures outside and you stand by the garage and I stand on the "T." (this is the spot we have marked on our driveway for her to stand on) I started taking pictures of you because I wanted to help you make more stuff for your blog. I have to stand as still as I can though, so I don't drop the camera and break it."
If someone wants to look 'fashion-y,' what should they wear?

"They should get some fancy stuff on, like rings and jewelry and purses and glasses and bows. If you want to be extra fashion-y you should wear all kinds of pink stuff. And rainbows!"

How should you stand to take a 'fashion-y' picture?

"Stand as still as you can, and be as fancy as you can. And smile. You always need to smile (she is the Queen of insisting on smiles)."

What is the silliest thing mommy does when you take pictures?

"Sometimes you make mistakes and make silly faces in the picture, all kinds of silly faces" (she's not kidding! Check it out:)

I got yelled at for making a very silly face when taking this picture (I was trying not to laugh!) The 'good' picture above was taken ten seconds later after I let go and busted up. The girl knows what she wants from a shot let me tell you. Also, she really hated these shoes, and she kind of had a point now that I'm looking at them.

Do you like taking pictures? What do you like and not like about it?

"Yeah, because I want to help you with your blog. I love taking pictures of you! Sometimes you change outfits though, which is silly because I think we should be done taking pictures. Sometimes I don't like taking pictures because I am tired or I want to play get my sillies out. But if I take really good pictures I get a very special treat, like chocolate or shark fruit snacks! My favorite treat is shark fruit snacks because I love sharks*!"

*she really does love sharks, check out this picture of her rocking her shark outfit I made for her:

Is mommy crabby with you sometimes when we take pictures?

"No." (she's lying! Probably trying to get the shark treats mentioned above. I have been known to get very picky about having my picture taken.)

What are your favorite kinds of pictures to take?

"When you're wearing 'fashion-y' stuff. Like, white stuff and colorful stuff and pink stuff. I like taking pictures of your necklaces. I like it when you wear sparkly stuff in the pictures, it makes your fashion kind of look shiny. And I like when you dress in fancy dresses. But I really like the sparkly fashion."

 Above are some of her favorite "sparkly fashion"

What would you tell other people who want to learn to take pictures?

"You need to learn to press all the buttons and stuff. And smile!"

Well there you have it! A little fashion and photography advice from a talented budding photographer. I hope you enjoyed this little interview, and if you'd like to see more of Jill's work you can always check out our style page!



  1. Holy cow! She's so stinkin' cute! She's so lucky to have such a fashion-y mom like you, with all the sparkles and smiles! :)

    1. Thanks Lady! She absolutely goes crazy over this stuff, she had so much fun talking about fashion for this interview.

  2. OH MY GOD. Could she be any cuter! I like that "pink" and "sparkly" equate to fashion. Girl's got her priorities straight.


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