Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The motherload of thrift store finds!

So it's been a while since I (Jessica) posted my thrift store finds to share with you. It's not that I haven't been thrifting (believe me!), it's that I've been focusing more on crafting and gifts for Christmas. But this is it, lovely readers. This is me, getting caught up on sharing my thrifty finds with you!

Most of December I didn't really get myself new clothes. For obvious reasons. But this is pretty much everything I found for myself from September-November of 2013 (with the exception of my last thrift store finds post). You are basically looking at my winter 2013 wardrobe and some finds for spring. So now I can be all caught up on sharing my fun finds with you, and start out fresh in 2014!

Because obviously I need more clothes for 2014, right? Well here we go!
 As U Wish, $3 //Vintage Gap (the same dress as this one in coral, huzzah!) $6// Esley: $6

 Target: $2//Vintage: $2// Gap (new with tags!) $4

 Vintage silk wrap dress: $4// Blue dress $2// Target: $2// Target: $3

Favorite dress find: The vintage Gap coral dress! The blue version of this I refashioned was my favorite dress of summer 2013. I can't wait to refashion this one too!

 Ann Taylor LOFT (through ThredUp): $6// Van Hausen, $10 (new with tags!)// Gap: $6

 Army green cardigan: $4// Vintage: $4// Elle: $2

Favorite cardigan find: The leopard! I just gave Hilary my last beloved leopard cardigan, as alas I have not the ta-ta's to fill it out as nicely as she does. But this Van Hausen one is perfect!

Old Navy: $3// Gap: $6// Vintage Men's Gap: $6

 Old Navy Cashmere: $4// Michael Kors: $6// Rock & Republic: $2

Favorite sweater find: It's a toss up between the open weave orange Michael Kors and the vintage Gap men's sweater.

 BCBG top: $1// Express: $1// Vintage: $2

 Gap: $0.25// Ann Taylor LOFT: $2// Talbots: $1 (new with tags)

J. Crew: $1// Gap: $1// Anthropologie: $1

Favorite top find: The black sequined LOFT tank, hands down!

 B. Makowsky: $5// Vintage (local maker to Boise!) $2// VINTAGE COACH!!! $3

 The SAK: $5// Vintage: $2// Vintage: $3

Favorite bag find: The vintage Coach! The $3 price tag had me hyperventilating with joy.

Jessica Simpson: $5// JustFab: $10// Enzo Anglioni: $9 (not pictured: Steve Madden black peep toed booties: $10)

Favorite shoe find: The not-pictured Steve Madden peep toe booties! You can see them really well in this outfit post here.

Well guys, there you have the visual proof of my crazy love of thrifting. Not too dang bad if you consider that everything above was only $157.25! If you want to see more you can check out past finds here. What do you all think? Did you guys have any favorites? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. Love the Coach bag. I'd have a million pocketbooks if I could, but I content myself with a couple really well made ones.

  2. Hi! This is the first time I've been to your blog, it's great! This is pretty much what my closet looks like too, I love thrift shops and all the great stuff you can find there! Thanks for sharing over on the Mothers Niche today!

    1. No problem Jody! I'm glad you liked this post, you should post your own thrifted goodies!

  3. Motherlode, not motherload. (Unless you are intentionally punning.)

    1. It was intentional, Clayton! I love that you caught that, I was wondering if anyone would!

  4. Man, you have some really bangin' thrift stores where you live!! Great finds!

    1. Thanks Carolyn! Actually the thrift stores here in Boise tend to be pretty hit or miss. It's going often that makes all the difference, because when I am there when good stuff gets donated!

  5. Jess, my fave find is the orange netted Michael Kors. You should be my personal shopper!

    (But come on with the bags- you can't possibly need that many! It's bordering on unhealthy. You need a friend like me to borrow them all away from you...)

    1. Amy I wish you lived closer I would totally take you shopping! I dream of the day when we can attend the same blog conference someday, I will bring you bags galore!

  6. Wow those are some awesome finds! I am a die-hard thrifter also!

  7. You did hit the jackpot with these buys! I'm jealous. ;)

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