Monday, January 13, 2014

Outfit post: Snow day

It is cold. I am ready for spring, and dresses without the need for leggings. Bring on the sandals and sunshine! I've been really bored with winter clothes lately. I hear my spring/summer wardrobe calling to me pitifully from storage. "Wear us! We miss you! Wouldn't you like some sun on your pasty legs...?" Sadly, about such things as the weather we don't get a choice.

So we do silly things like wear '70's inspired sun hats when there is snow on the ground, and throw snowballs at our adorable five year old photographer. Because when life gives you lemons, right? At least even if it's cold and gross I am wearing clothes that I love!

And let me tell you, I love this outfit. This tank is something I made for myself last summer and I just keep wearing it over and over. (You can also see it in this post). And this military inspired Gap cardigan is now my favorite white sweater out of my collection of 8 (yes 8!) white sweaters. And I never wear a hat, but I think I may have to start.

Cardigan: Gap// Hat: Nine West// Tank: DIY// Jeans: Old Navy// Boots: JC Penny// Necklace: DIY

And clearly great minds think alike, because my adorable friend Brandi from Thirty-One Gifts also wore a DIY shirt, slouchy cardigan, leggings and tall brown riding boots on the same day! I had to snap a picture of her:

I took her picture not just because this outfit is awesome (which it is) or because I made her those leg warmers for Christmas (which I did), but because Ms. Brandi is the PERFECT example of how to wear leggings as pants and remain classy! Her shirt is short enough to show off her curves, but still long enough to cover the *ahem* important bits. She made this polka dot chambray top from a cute but ill-fitting dress, (which you know I have done before too!)and giving it the curved hem makes it just perfect to wear with leggings!

What are you guys doing to beat the winter style blues?


  1. Gosh! Adorable!! I've been piling loose, slouchy sweaters over sundresses and leggings to beat the cold. It hasn't helped much (considering it has been far below zero the last month), but hey, at least I feel cute, right? XD

  2. I had to take it in a bit on the sides from bust to waist, because I lost some weight. It is such a simple design ANYONE who sews could easily sew an inch on each side to alter it (that is what I did).
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