Thursday, January 23, 2014

DIY easy denim vest

I (Jessica) was lusting after a denim vest of my own all last summer to wear with all my dresses. I finally decided to make my own, and today I'm going to show you how!

Bonus--no sewing involved. Only scissors!

DIY denim vest refashion

I love a casual denim vest for layering. It's the perfect summer alternative to the denim jacket I wear almost every day in the spring/fall/winter. A good denim vest can make a simple sundress and sandals look a little bit more pulled together while still staying casual, and although I can't wear a sundress right now exactly, I will be able to use my new vest now, and as soon as the sun decides to show it's face again.

I've been checking at thrift stores for a denim jacket to cut up and make into a vest for almost a year, but a good one never materialized. Then I realized I have one already that I don't wear!

(Side note...would you believe I had no less then three denim jackets? Seriously, it's a problem.)

DIY denim vest refashion

My idea was to just hack off the sleeves. So I started to cut them off just inside the shoulder seam. Easy, right? Well, it should have been, but...

DIY denim vest refashion

...the problem was that while attempting to cut off the sleeves nice and neatly, I accidentally cut a giant gash in the back of the jacket.


I can sew complicated projects like this, but a simple cutting refashion slays me.

DIY denim vest refashion

I did get the sleeves off, but I was staring at the gash thinking I would have to scrap the vest. Then I realized that I could make it work after all. I just cut along the curved decorative seams in the back and turned it into a racer back!

Not too shabby actually.

DIY denim vest refashion

I really ended up loving it. I like that it shows just a little bit more of the shirt underneath and has a slight racer back. It makes this piece a little bit different from an average denim-jacket-turned-vest. Well, as different as it can be for a jacket with the sleeves hacked off!

Here is the vest from the back:
This turned out to be a simple refashion after all, and a good lesson in thinking outside the box to fix the mistakes that happen to all of us when attempting craft projects. I'm really happy I made this work so well, after screwing up so badly! Big pat on the back for me!

Hopefully you'll get to see this vest in action a lot more this spring and summer. And if you want to see more of our clothing refashions, you can always check them out here!


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