Sunday, December 29, 2013

What we made in December that we didn't show you!

Hi everyone! We both hope you had an amazing Christmas! Today we thought we'd show you a little bit of homemade gifts we made in December. You know, the ones we couldn't show you before because it wasn't Christmas yet! So yes, in addition to all of the fun tutorials and projects we shared with you, we were also super busy behind the scenes.

Here are the swanky home made goods:

Jessica's daughter got an American Girl doll for Christmas, and I (Jessica) made her a ton of stuff! I made the matching nightgowns above, and crocheted them both matching pink kitty hat and leg warmer sets. The crochet leg warmer pattern is coming up later this week!

Keep reading to see the rest!
I also made 48 pieces of 18 inch doll clothes, total. Yes. You did read that correctly, 48! Most of them are refashioned baby clothes, and were quick and simple to make. Here are some of my favorite outfits on Marie Grace and Felicity:

There will be many tutorials for these super easy doll clothing refashions coming up soon!

I made several of my friends and relatives variations of the crocheted goodies you see below. Chunky cowl scarves, crocheted beanies and boot cuffs galore! (And stay tuned, because I will be giving away some crocheted goodies this Friday!)

For one of my closest friends, I worked on a special order. She already has a white version of my Lacey Circle Scarf from last winter, but she has been lusting after the aqua scarf from the tutorial since I originally posted it. She ordered a scarf from me, and asked for a hat to coordinate for her baby girl (who you can oogle at here, wearing my newborn crochet crown!) I made the coral and aqua bow hat below, then threw in the tiny matching leg warmers and white hat as well!

I also made her the virgin wool dark teal scarf above, and one of my chunky little girl's cowls scarf as well for her older daughter.

My daughter also did a lot of her own crafting this Christmas! She had a lot of ideas of her own about what she wanted to make for everyone:

She made the super easy one seam pink and teal dress above for Hilary's daughter (tutorial coming soon!)

She and my husband also made me this gorgeous coffee mug for my coffee, which I love! She made several microwavable rice bags, and she sewed this super soft Thomas the Tank Engine blanket for her little brother, which we will also show you how to make soon! She was so proud of all her handmade gifts this year! The two of us had so much fun coming up with ideas for things to make.

Hilary didn't make a ton of homemade gifts this year, but she did find this adorable dino fleece on clearance at Joann's and knew she had to make a tie blanket for her son to match his dinosaur-themed room (and his adorable dinosaur shelves).  He was a huge fan and keeps pretending to nap, just so Hilary will give him the blanket.

I hope you all enjoyed this little peek at the projects that happened behind the scenes this month, and a little teaser for what's to come in January! Check back soon, because most of the projects you see above we'll share in more detail later as well, and show you how we did it!

~Jessica & Hilary


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