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What I Really Want for Christmas

This post brought to you by Bed Bath & Beyond. All opinions are 100% mine.

Over the last few weeks, we've shared some of our favorite gift ideas for those we love (like our friends and our kids).  We love giving gifts to others and look forward to sharing our handmade goodies with our loved ones next week.




We each have wishlists of our own.  We laugh because 10 years ago, our wishlists looked a bit different (jewelry, technology, clothes).  Over the last few years, my husband and I (Hilary) have changed those lists a bit and gotten each other kitchen stuff instead (one year he stuffed a electric can opener into a stocking) and while it seems impersonal to some, I LOVE getting silicone whisks, a pancake griddle or an egg slicer (seriously, I was excited!).  It is nice to get the kitchen items I never get around to purchasing during the year wrapped and ready to go for the holidays!  Especially since we love hosting and are having Christmas this year at our house.


I typically pick up cookware here and there throughout the year, but one place I LOVE is Bed Bath & Beyond.  There's one close by and we often buy wedding gifts and specialty items there (like ramekins) since they carry good quality kitchen items for a really good price (plus they are the only store in our area that carries California King-sized sheets, so we go there for our bedding too!).


I love seeing what other bloggers use in their kitchens because a lot of it is expensive and its worth knowing what's worth my money and what's not.  Well here is my chance to share my favorite things (and my holiday wishlist) with you guys!


Here's the top 9 things I'm itching to get for my home:


holiday wishlight



1. Snapware Two-Tray Egg-Tainer.  This is seriously the coolest product.  We LOVE deviled eggs in our family, but none of us have an egg tray!  So this year at Thanksgiving, Jessica literally brought her egg makings up separately, then made them at my parents' house!  It worked, but when going to a party, you dont' have that opportunity.  This is a stackable egg-tainer (love the name) that has slots for deviled eggs and makes it easy to transport them.  


2. Libbey® Occasions Stemless Wine Glass SetGood wine glasses are a must.  Serving wine in mismatching cups just screams "college student" to me.  Now that I'm a "grownup," I love having a nice set of matching wine glasses.  Even if you don't drink wine, there is something fancy about drinking sparkling cider or eating pudding out of a wine glass.


Over the years we've had traditional wine glasses and have knocked them over or broken them.  I love the stemless glassware and think they'd hold up better since they are more stable.  These glasses are four for under $10, which is a huge plus.


3. Calphalon® Non-Stick Baking Sheet. Some of the cookie sheets we have are literally hand-me-downs from my mom.  They are no longer non-stick, so I definitely would love an "upgrade" in cookie sheets this year.  We have Calphalon non-stick pans and have really liked them.  They've held up well, so I'm hoping their cookie sheets do as well!  


Besides, I hate doing dishes and non-stick pans are sooo much easier to clean. 


4. Metrokane Rabbit™ Lever Corkscrew with Wine Preserving Stopper.  This is a little more expensive than some of my other wishlist items, but it is a seriously nice set.  Having a good corkscrew saves time (and also feels more adult) and I think this would make a really nice hostess gift if you are going to someone else's house.


5. KitchenAid® 2-Speed Hand BlenderI want an immersion blender so bad.  There are so many things you can do with it.  It makes puree-ing soup much easier and I saw a cooking show where they used one to whisk milk for a latte!  Me and my daughter love drinking "steamers" (syrup and steamed milk) as a treat and an immersion blender would make that so easy!


6. CorningWare® Ramekins. Several years ago, a friend asked for ramekins for a wedding gift.  We bought them for her, but kind of scratched our heads.  What would she put in them besides creme brulee?  Now that we are really into cooking, I get it. I have lots of ideas for recipes that would rock in ramekins.  Puddings look a lot fancier in them and I love the idea of putting tiny quiches in them.  It also means you can make gluten-free quiches in a few of them, and put a piece of crust and make gluten-y quiches for everyone else.


7. Joseph Joseph® Chopping Mat Set. Another friend asked for these flexible cutting boards for his wedding several years ago (I'm not exaggerating, we always buy wedding gifts at Bed, Bath and Beyond) and we were also skeptical.  We had a giant glass cutting board that was a hassle.  It was tough to clean and took up tons of room.  A while ago, we grabbed some flexible mats on a whim and we LOVE them.  They are easy to clean and cheap (the set I want is only $12 for 3 boards!) and I love being able to pick them up, curl them into a tube shape and dump all of my chopped veggies or meat into a pot.  The Joseph Joseph set is great because it snaps together (to keep them from getting lost) and I love the bright colors!


I will never go back to a traditional cutting board.  Never!


8. Snowflakes Kitchen TowelsI'm not a huge decorator for the holidays.  Young kids definitely mean my breakable decorations and ornaments will be locked away for a while.  However, I love using a few simple elements to dress up my kitchen for the holidays (lots of kids at events = lots of messes).  These snowflake kitchen towels are cute and practical and they are a subtle shade of green (not a super bright Christmas green).  


9. Lenox® Porcelain Votive Holder. This votive holder is a little tough to see in the picture (it is white on a white background), but it is beautiful.  It looks holiday-ey and it was listed under Bed Bath & Beyond's holiday section, but it is subtle enough that I would use this year-round.  Gorgeous and less than $10!


The best part of my list is these are all affordable.  I love seeing what other people use in their kitchen, but we are not in a place where we can blow hundreds of dollars on holiday entertaining.  Its nice to know there are nice, good quality alternatives within our price range.  Plus, Bed Bath & Beyond's Facebook page has a 20% off one-item in the store that anyone can use.  (We coupon stuff year-round, of course!)


What about you guys?  What holiday entertaining products are you asking for?  Need inspiration for holiday decorating?  Holiday Your Way has videos, suggestions and cute holiday decorating ideas.  They also have some recipes that looked AMAZING.  Or you can check out our recent posts for gluten-free green bean casserole and pumpkin pie cake (can also be made gluten-free!)!


Enjoy!  ~Hilary

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  1. My mom got my aunt the egg-tainer for Christmas one year, as she is a professional deviled-egg maker in the family, and it works great! It now makes an appearance at all our family dinners - good choice! :)

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