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Peppermint body scrub recipe, and a cute packaging tutorial!

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diy peppermint body scrub domestic bliss squared

A few days ago, Hilary showed you how she fancied up her package she shipped with some holiday-themed Duck Brand® Tape, but she didn't show you what she shipped! Well today I'm going to share with your our recipe for Peppermint Body Scrub, the absolutely perfect last minute gift! And if that wasn't enough, I'll show you how I easily made the jars extra fancy, also using holiday themed Duck Brand® Tape!
Peppermint Body Scrub 
(makes approximately 4 jars)

4 cups of white sugar
1 cup Grapeseed oil
1 cup coconut oil (melted)
1 tsp peppermint extract
2-3 drops of red food coloring
8 peppermint candies, crushed
4 (8 oz) canning jars

In a large bowl, combine your oils, sugars and peppermint extract.

One your oil and sugar are fully combined, separate out your mixture into two equal portions in two different bowls.

In one bowl, add your 2-3 drops of red food coloring and mix it in well.

Now, to get that pretty peppermint stripe! Just simply layer white and red in your jars, being careful to level them off with with a spoon between layers.

diy peppermint body scrub domestic bliss squared

Top with some of the crushed peppermint candies, and you're done!

diy peppermint body scrub domestic bliss squared

But then, don't you want a cuter way to package them them plain jam jars? I used my super cute holiday themed tape from Duck Brand® Tape to make these jar lids a little snazzier:

diy peppermint body scrub domestic bliss squared

How adorable is that? Here's how I did it! First, the lids:

diy peppermint body scrub domestic bliss squared

1. Start by covering the center of your canning jar lid.
2. Cover the whole lid, for me this was about two lengths of tape.
3. Cut around the lid, leaving about 1/4 inch around the edge. This will help you make a good seal on the jars.
4. Put your lids on your jars, and suddenly, it looks a whole lot cuter!

But wait, you can go one step further and make some adorable (and durable) tape bows! Here's how:

diy peppermint body scrub domestic bliss squared

1. Take off about a 6 inch length of tape, and then fold it back over on itself so it sticks together, making sure it's nice and smooth.
2. Cut it off the roll (if you didn't before step 1).
3. Fold it in half again.
4. Cut out half of a bow shape, with the narrow part of the bow on the fold, like the pic above. (note, if you want a double layered bow like the green one in the top pic, you will need to cut two bow shapes, one smaller then the other and lay them on top of each other.)

diy peppermint body scrub domestic bliss squared

5. Unfold your bow shape and lay it out flat.
6. Cut another small length of tape off the end of your roll, about 3/4 inch long.
7. Fold it in half lengthwise.
8. Wrap your tape around the bow, sealing it on the back with another tiny piece of tape.

diy peppermint body scrub domestic bliss squared

9. On the back of your bow, put another piece of tape or a glue dot (if you have them--I didn't)
10. Stick your bow on your jar lid, and you're done!

Now you have the perfect indulgent holiday gift, in an adorable and inexpensive package! There are tons of options for tape themes as well, I've only shown you a couple different designs here.

diy peppermint body scrub domestic bliss squared

If you'd like more inspiration, you can follow Domestic Bliss Squared on Twitter @BlissSquared. You can also follow  Duck Brand® Tape @TheDuckBrand and let them show you how they "Duck the Halls." Merry Christmas everyone!

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