Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Shipping Cuteness

This post brought to you by Duck Brand provided by ShurTech Brands, LLC. All opinions are 100% mine.

Over the past few weeks, we've been sharing gift ideas for kids and the women in your life.  Me and Jessica are blessed this year in that we can just swap our handmade gifts in person (that's a big deal!), but in the past we've had to ship each other gifts.  Normally we just throw stuff in a box and ship it to the other person.  Ugly, but practical (we've even stuffed boxes with plastic shopping bags because they were free!).


This year, I'm shipping several handmade gifts out-of-state again and instead of spending lots of money on pretty printed boxes at the Post Office, I wanted to create pretty packaging and spruce up my shipping (get the bad pun??) and do it cheaply.  Is it necessary to decorate packaging?  Probably not, but any chance to be creative is always fun!


I was strolling around Walmart and saw these printed rolls of EZ Start Printed Packaging Tape from Duck Brand® and knew they'd be a perfect way to fancy up my shipping packages.  I figured at $3-$4 a roll, I could use it for all of my packages and it would be cheaper than purchasing fancy boxes.  Plus I love love love the teal and lime green backgrounds.  Aren't they cute?



I gathered all of my gifts for a wonderful friend who lives out-of-state:



The background blurriness is purposeful.  I don't want to take too good of pictures since she reads my blog from time to time.


But I made her some cute handmade goods including our pumpkin spice latte body scrub and a new scrub that smells incredible (we will be sharing our amazing scrub recipes and show you how to make them and easily decorate them for gifts on Monday!). 


I threw gifts into a white priority mail box Jessica had lying around (white is great because it shows off the tape better, but the tape is opaque enough that it would work on a brown box as well!) and threw some sparkly tissue paper on top.



Then I did three easy steps to make the box pretty.


1. Using the teal ornaments EZ Start® Printed Packaging Tape, I taped around the outside so it looks like a package.



I love that the tape comes on a dispenser.  It makes it much quicker to tape with!


2. I created a fake "bow" by layering two pieces of tape back to back, and cut the bow shape out of the tape.  Then I used a single sticky layer to wrap around the center of the bow and to create the little ends of the bow, which I stuck directly to the box.




3. I put a piece of white paper on the box and edged it with the tape.  This is where I'll write my friend's address.  I did the same with my address in the upper left corner as well.



I have a few different types of tape (two holiday ones and one everyday style), but I really loved this bright teal one the best!  Something about the retro colors makes me smile.  I totally had enough tape to  wrap a second box for another person who lives out-of-state which was nice.


Now I'm off to the post office to ship it and I'll laugh at the pretty, but expensive holiday printed boxes as I walk by carrying this:



Much cheaper and still super cute!


Growing up, packing tape was always clear and kind of smelled weird.  Its been neat how many cool types of printed styles there are now!  Domestic Bliss Squared has featured Duck Brand® Tape in the past and we've been really happy with how it holds up over time.  A few months ago, I used it to fancy up my daughter's school supplies:


customize school supplies with Duck TapeĀ®


And love that I got to use printed Duck Brand® Tape again for the holidays!  If you want to see other projects and super creative ideas from other bloggers, you can follow Duck Brand® on Twitter (@TheDuckBrand).  They always have creative ideas (did you know you can make a waterproof lunch  box out of tape?) and are definitely worth checking out.


Happy shipping!



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