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Bow scarf crochet pattern

bow wrap cowl circle scarf free crochet pattern

This holiday season, I (Jessica) have been making some home made Christmas presents for my kids. Specifically, I've been crocheting a lot of matching items for my daughter and her Christmas gift,  (shhhh!) an American Girl doll. She has my Felicity doll from when I was a child, but this year she's getting a doll of her very own. This Bow Scarf is one of her Christmas presents.

Which of course, she now knows, because it's before Christmas. But seeing as how I let her pick out the yarn for this project and told her what I was making, I don't feel too guilty. Yikes, upon re-reading that, maybe I should!

So anyways, today I'm going to share the crochet pattern for this adorable Bow Scarf, and tomorrow I'm also going to share the pattern to make a matching version for an 18 inch doll! 

bow wrap cowl circle scarf free crochet pattern

This scarf is actually a version of our Lacey Circle Scarf, but a smaller size. When you take off the bow, this is what it looks like:

bow wrap cowl circle scarf free crochet pattern

The bow wrap is what gives the scarf it's drape-y shape. Plus, it's extra sparkly. And it's a bow. Enough said.

bow wrap cowl circle scarf free crochet pattern

Bow Scarf crochet instructions

You will need:
H hook*
medium weight acrylic yarn. I used:
1 skein Red Heart Shimmer in hot pink **
1 skein Loops and Threads Payette in silver **
* for this project I crochet very loosely. If your scarf is turning out too small, switch to an I hook.
** this amount of yarn is enough to make both the girl's scarf and matching doll scarf

st: stitch
sl st: slip stitch
ch: chain st
Sc: single crochet
hdc: half-double crochet
dc: double crochet

Row 1: Ch 111, sl st to join your chain into a circle (somehow without twisting it!).
Row 2: Ch 3, then dc into your sl st (join st) to make a little triangle. Skip the next 2 st, and in the 3ed st from your triangle you will dc, ch 1, dc. This will form a second triangle. Continue all the way around your circle until you have a total of 37 triangles. (Make sure you do not ch in between the last dc of the previous triangle, and the first dc of the next!) The pattern should go dc, ch 1, dc--skip 3 st--dc, ch 1, dc. Once you've gotten all the way around your chain, sl st into the 3ed ch st of  your original triangle.

**Ok guys, so this is where it gets a little complicated. Because it's easier to show you with pictures then to just write it out, I'm going to include picture instructions from my original Lacey Circle Scarf post here!**

Row 3: Ch 3, then dc into your sl st that joined your first row together: 

lacey scarf crochet pattern

Then, instead of skipping 3 st, you simply look for the st between your triangles, and start your next triangle in that st, with the same dc, ch 1, dc pattern. 

lacey scarf crochet pattern

Your next row of triangles should look like this: 

lacey scarf crochet pattern

Rows 4-24: *ch 3, dc in sl st of last row. Dc in st between triangles, ch 1, dc in same st. when finished with the row, sl st to join* repeat until scarf is completed!

bow wrap cowl circle scarf free crochet pattern

Isn't she gorgeous? But wait! You still need to make the bow scarf wrap. Here's what it looks like when it's unbuttoned from the scarf:

bow wrap cowl circle scarf free crochet pattern

Scarf wrap:
Row 1: Ch 11, turn.
Row 2: In second st from hook, begin hdc (9 hdc total)
Row 3: Ch 1, 1 hdc. Ch 1, and skip next st. 4 hdc, ch 1 and skip next st. 2 hdc. (these will be your button holes)
Rows 4-26: *Ch 2, turn and hdc 9* repeat until done.
Now you'll sc all around the outside of your rectangle. Sl st to join when you've gotten all the way around.

Row 1: ch 22, turn.
Row 2-29: In second st from hook, begin hdc, (20 hdc total) Ch 2, turn.
Once you have your giant rectangle, sc all the way around, sl st to finish and weave in the ends. Next, you'll pinch your rectangle in the middle of the long side and wrap it around, using some matching yarn, until it creates a "bow" shape. Leave about a 6 inch tail at the end to sew your bow to your scarf wrap.

Now all you need to do is to use your 6 inch tail to sew your "bow" onto your scarf wrap with a yarn needle. And sew some buttons on the opposite side from your button holes with a regular needle and thread. You can now use your scarf wrap to cinch your scarf together! This particular pattern is pretty cool (I think) because this scarf wrap can be taken off and used on any scarf you own!

bow wrap cowl circle scarf free crochet pattern

Side note: This scarf fits an adult too! Here's a completely gratuitous pic of myself looking goofy, proving that fact:

bow wrap cowl circle scarf free crochet pattern

Now that you've made your own scarf for a very lucky little (or big!) girl, you'll want to check out our post on Wednesday too. I'll be sharing the pattern to make the matching doll bow scarf, to fit an 18 inch doll:

bow wrap cowl circle scarf free crochet pattern

I hope you enjoyed this pattern! I know my little girl is loving it. And if you're looking for more of our crochet patterns, you can always look at our Crochet page. Happy Holidays!



  1. Adorable!! I want some! Notice I didn't say "one"? That's because I need every color...

  2. Thanks Amy! You can always special order it ;-) I am going to show off the adorable wee little AG scarf tomorrow or wednesday. It's so tiny! And it only took up a tiny bit of yarn.

  3. What a super cute scarf! I love the addition of the bow - or that she could remove the bow should she ever need/want to.

    I knew in advance about a fair share of my Christmas presents growing up because mom let me pick them out, but I was never very crushed.

  4. Hi Jessica, I saw this at the Fall into Fall link up. This is a totally cute scarf and I love the bow. I want to make one for myself now, but I also have two little girls who would love it too. Looks like I'll be making three of them then. Pinned! Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. That's awesome, Meg! I am so happy you liked them that much! You should send us some pictures of your girls wearing them and we'll feature them on Facebook. We absolutely love seeing the projects people make from our tutorials.

  5. Making this for my niece. Quick question - What are the dimensions of the finished scarf, wrap and bow?

  6. That scarf is just darling, and I love that you can use or lose the bow as you choose. I am featuring your project on my blog tomorrow.


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