Sunday, November 24, 2013

Outfit: Nine

Ninth Doctor style outfit husband and I (Jessica) are pretty big closet sci-fi fans. Like, our son is named Ender after my favorite science fiction novel, sci-fi fans. Serious stuff. It should come as no surprise then that we're also rabid fans of a certain British TV show, maybe you've heard of it?

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And when I say "we're" rabid fans, what I really mean is that I am a giant nerdy fangirl and my husband thinks the show is "pretty good." I can't help it! I was raised on the Doctor, my Dad had me watching Doctor Who as far back as I can remember. I grew up watching Tom Baker as number Six strolling around space and time with his ten foot scarf in tow. It's in my blood.

So this Monday night the hubby and I are going out sans children (thanks Hilary!) to go see The Day of the Doctor, the 50th anniversary special episode, in theaters!!! *squeeeeeeeee x 1,000*

In honor of this momentous occasion, I wanted to pay tribute by dressing up as my favorite doctor, number Nine. And I wanted to do this without...shall we say...scaring people.

I like to think I pass as normal, most of the time.

Below is Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor in costume, and my (hopefully not too obvious) version of what I'll be wearing:

Ninth Doctor style outfit
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I am such a nerd.

But actually I would totally wear this out on any old date with the hubby, so it's OK, right? Although I am going to hem those pants before I go, the length is bugging me now that I'm looking at the pics.

Ninth Doctor style outfit
Sweater: Lauren Conrad for Khols// Booties: Steve Madden// Jeans: Gap// Jacket: unknown, thrifted// Bag: unknown, thrifted

On a side note, can I say how much I LOVE this sweater? I got it last winter at Khols on clearance, and I've been wearing it non stop ever since. It's super comfy and a little sexy, and it was the right color. Of course I needed to wear a black leather jacket (it was Nine's signature), and I decided on a purse juuuuuust big enough to stash a sonic screwdriver in. Done!

Ninth Doctor style outfit

If you enjoyed this outfit post despite it's nerdy undertones, and you're looking for more of our (non-science fiction inspired) outfits you can check out our Outfits page here! 


P.S. This post is going live before I get to watch The Day of the Doctor. I'm saving myself for the movie theater experience, please DO NOT leave any spoilers if you've seen it!


  1. I read the title and saw the first picture and I totally saw what you were going for. I think it is a good subtle reference. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Doctor Who nerds have to stay together! Hope you love it, I thought it was great! It's also cool that you dressed as Nine. He's one of my favorite Doctors.

  3. This outfit look stunning..! love your black leather jacket looks

  4. At least you're sort of nerd chic. I'm pop-nerd which is worse...I want nuts over twilight and I'm a die hard Britney fan. Like DIE HARD. I'm such a teenager is gross. so by comparison, you're totally cool. I love your outfit! After seeing your fb makes me want to read the books!


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