Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our formula for the perfect winter outfit!

Now that the weather has (finally) been getting cold here in Idaho, both Hilary and I (Jessica) have been piling on the layers and living in leggings! We've also been taking tons of pics of our cute fall/winter outfits to show you all, of course. But when I sat down to write up a few outfit posts I realized something...all our outfits are variation on a basic formula! That's right, without realizing it we developed a formula for the perfect winter outfit.

 Take these two cute outfits below, for example. We just happened to both wear these outfits on the same day, to the same shopping date, with each other! I guess great minds really do think alike!

Notice anything similar about those pictures above? They both follow our basic four step formula for the perfect casual, trendy fall/winter outfit. Below we'll list the four pieces you'll need to create this look yourself using basics you probably already have in your own closet. It's super easy!

1. Small scale short patterned skirt or dress:
(Can be any color or pattern. Jessica prefers vintage florals, Hilary wears polka dots. Both work! Look through your summer dresses for one that can be layered over. A shorter dress will be more flattering. Choose one that has a hem a little lower then the widest part of your thighs to be the most slimming.)

**Leggings: Old Navy// Boots: Thrifted// Dress: Vintage as seen in this outfit// Sweater: Old Navy// Necklace: Target// Bag: ?// Sunglasses: Thrifted

2. dark leggings or tights
(Dark blue, black, or dark grey are our go-to staple colors.)

Dress: H&M// Scarf: Made by me!// Cross body bag: Shopko// Boots: Sweater: Kohl's// Earrings: Shopko// Tights: Target

3. tall boots
(Brown or black, but we've found brown boots to be the most versatile without looking too dressy or too shiny and cheap. A classic style is slightly below or just at the knee, with a medium heel.)

Dress: Target// Boots: JC Penny// Boot Socks: Made by me!// Belt: Target// Sweater: Old Navy// Sunglasses: thrifted

4. comfy sweater
(Slouchy or fitted, either will work with this look. Hilary loves fitted, classic sweaters, and Jessica loves her sweaters the slouchier the better. Both styles look good layered and a solid, neutral color like white, black, blue, grey or dark green will be the most versatile for wearing with many different patterned skirts and dresses. If you're really brave you could also try some pattern mixing!)

Dress: Vintage, refashioned by me// Leggings: Old Navy// Boots: Thrifted// Sweater: Handmade, thrifted// Necklace: Target// Sunglasses: Thrifted

The perfect fall/winter outfit!

You can now take those four elements, and mix and match them to create a million different outfits! Adding different accessories will help further disguise the fact that you're wearing essentially the same outfit day after day, you clever minx you. Here are our favorite add-ons/accessories that help make this outfit formula unique each time you wear it:

Optional accessories:
1. Chunky scarf for warmth and texture, and to help bring some outfit focus up to the face. Choose a color that coordinates with the colors of your skirt.
2. Bright belts to help define the waist with all that bulk.
3. Boot socks, to help break up the line of your leg and add layers for visual interest
4. Cross body bag in a neutral color, to let the skirt and sweater be the star. The strap should be long enough to fit across layered or bulky tops. 
5. Sunglasses, because Jessica doesn't go anywhere without sunglasses, even in winter. Ever.
6. Statement necklace, like the scarf, to help bring your eyes up to your face by adding a pop of color or texture. A little sparkle feels seasonally appropriate.

Hopefully this gives you all, our lovely readers, some awesome new ideas for cute outfits this fall and winter. If you try out our four step formula, you should send us pictures! We'd love to show off some reader outfits here on the blog using our style tips. And if you're looking for more style tips and outfit ideas, you can check out our outfits page here!

~Jessica and Hilary

** I've decided that for my outfit posts I'm going to stop listing "thrifted" after everything because it makes for a bulky and confusing outfit description.  But unless stated otherwise, it usually is thrifted! I'm cheap like that. ~Jessica**


  1. Love it! I don't have any short dresses because I'm not a leg-barer (getting braver 50lbs down) but I love this look of leggings, boots, and sweater!

    1. Congrats on the weight loss!!! Short dresses can be so tough to wear, I'm definitely a big fan of leggings (black ones are nice and slimming for sure!!). :)

  2. Great outfits ladies! I'd totally shop either of your closets:)

    1. Thanks!! We shop each other's closets too! :)

  3. I used this formula, too! I adore chunky sweaters so much. I could quite happily wear them every day all winter long if my job would let me.

  4. Genius! Simply genius! I shall now be reevaluating all my dresses for potential as layering pieces. Thank you, lovely ladies!

  5. This is my winter outfit formula too! Thanks for linking up for Look What I Got. Hope to see you back tomorrow!
    Penniless Socialite

  6. Winter garb can be as stylish and functional as summer clothes and this guide will show you how to choose winter clothes for every member of the family.This is so cool.

  7. The whole outfit is simply perfect. However, I only have short boots (since I have muscular calves, which barely lets me put on tall boots in the first place). What can I do to substitute the shoes??


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