Friday, November 8, 2013

Interested in guest posting in December?

We're looking for guest posters!

Hey everyone! We had so, so much fun doing our Fall Festival of Guest Posters, that we want to do more features in December. We are looking for a few awesome bloggers who would like to guest post for us in December with some handmade gift ideas. You can even re-use old posts from your own blog if you'd like, as long as it's a small, cute gift idea that's easy to make. If you're interested, email us with your potential post. We can't wait to see what kinds of amazing people we get to work with this time! (And if you guest posted last time, email us again if you're interested! We loved working with you!)

~Jessica and Hilary


  1. I emailed you guys inquiring about guest posting. I am just worried maybe I sent it to the wrong e-mail or something cause it was about a month ago, if you guys haven't gotten to it yet that's fine, I understand. I just wanted to check and see if I did it right?



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