Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How to clean out a stinky washing machine

So on our theme of cleaning and doing laundry that Hilary introduced last week with her miracle whitening fail, today I (Jessica) am going to share with you how to clean out a dirty, stinky washing machine. Because everyone's washer needs cleaning occasionally!

And you'll only need two things; your washing machine and half a gallon of vinegar.

Pour a half a gallon of vinegar into your washing machine, and fill it all the way full on the "hot/hot" setting. Stop the cycle once the machine is full, leave it for several hours (or overnight) and then let it run through the cycle.

If you've still got some slime, you can do this part again with the other half-gallon of vinegar. After you're through with the vinegar, repeat that process with half a gallon of bleach.

If you're like me, you also probably have some caked on dirt as well:

As you're waiting for the cycle to soak, you can take out any other pieces you can remove and run them through the dishwasher. Give the rest of the top of the machine a good scrub down while they're out.

See? All clean! So much better!

And now I have a super sparkly washing machine too. And no stinky clothes after they're supposed to be clean!

Just one more task checked off my fall deep cleaning list! This one was relatively painless as well. You've got to love it when you can "clean" something by letting it sit for hours while you watch TV!



  1. Ha! I was just thinking I needed to clean my washing machine ~ super timely! Thanks for the tute! Btw, saw your post thru Katherine's Thursday Favorite Things Linky party :)

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