Thursday, November 7, 2013

Holiday Travel Style how-to's with Vera Bradley! #vbwishlist

This post brought to you by Vera Bradley. All opinions are 100% mine.

When we were offered the chance to review the new Vera Bradley Holiday colors, at first we were a little hesitant at first. Neither of us had ever really thought of Vera Bradley bags as "our style" before, and we wanted to make sure we could do them justice. But then we did some looking at the new fall/winter colors, and we were convinced! In short, they're both modern and stylish.

We've been wanting to do a post on Holiday travel style, and what better to pair with Holiday travel, then these gorgeous travel pieces from the Vera Bradley Holiday 2013 collection:

Vera Bradley Grand Traveler ($120) and Grand Cosmetic ($42) in Canterberry Magenta

Below are five different Holiday travel style ideas, all paired with the fun and colorful Vera Bradley bags above. Because it doesn't matter if you're traveling by plane to a glamorous party or road tripping to your parent's house for the Holidays, we all want to look cute doing it! Here are our holiday travel style tips:


Glam. (the second I leave the plane I'm off to the party):



Tips for looking Glam during holiday travel:

1. Wear hot but sturdy shoes that you can actually walk in! You'll be in them a while.

2. A basic little black dress will be wearable with a cardigan and flats later in your trip, but dresses up for a holiday party.

3. A dramatic coat (in this case, actual fur! This is a thrifted mink coat for $10!!!) helps set the tone of the outfit.

4. Bright chunky jewelry can also be dressed down the next day with a t-shirt and jeans.



Pulled-together casual:


Tips for looking pulled-together casual:

1. Wear comfy flats with some extra drama that can easily be taken off for airport security. In this case metallic gold flats stand out but are super comfy.

2. Pattern mix for some extra personality. This graphic Vera Bradley bag is mixed with the stripes on the shirt and a leopard print belt, for added interest.

3. A big chunky scarf makes everything look more pulled together! This one is my own crochet pattern, the Last Minute Cowl. You can check it out and make one of your own!

4. A leather jacket tops everything and adds polish. And it's just as easy to throw on as a sweatshirt, but so much more chic.


All business (Casual):


Tips for dressing business casual:

1. Be wrinkle-free (on the bottom).  Even the cutest business suit or khakis will look unprofessional if they are wrinkled or stretched out.  Pick a pair of dress pants that has some structure, but is made of a material that won't wrinkle.

2. Be wrinkle-free (on the top!).  This goes for your shirt as well! A comfy (but still shaped) Pima Cotton top from H&M looks a little more dressy, but will not wrinkle on a long flight.

3. Dramatic jewelry.  Keeping your clothes casual will mean you are comfortable but can look schleppy.  Add a dramatic necklace like this one from Styled by Tori Spelling or pair of earrings to upgrade your look.

4. Don't forget comfy shoes!  I wore boots the last time I flew to Washington D.C. and my feet were killing me by the end.  But flats can be a little too business casual, so a slight heeled pair of wedges (like my black ones here) are a great choice.


Road trip/all night flight:


Tips for dressing during a road trip or all night flight:

1. Think cute comfort! You want to be completely comfortable even while looking adorable. Everything you wear you should be able to sleep in, and wear outside the car. Who knows? You might have to! Leggings are an obvious choice.

2. Dress in layers (like this big sweater, dramatic soft scarf, and tank dress) in order to keep up with changing temperatures between the car and rest stops.

3. Comfy but cute shoes are a must! Your shoes should slip easily on and off, and feel like you're wearing slippers. Heck, if you have actual slippers that will do double duty as shoes (like these grey sweater boots) wear them. This is one of the only times slippers as shoes can be legit.

4. Big sunglasses and nice earrings will help keep everything looking polished, even if you've been wearing it for 12 hours.


 Mini Fashionista:


Tips for dressing your mini fashionista during travel:

1. Let them be comfy. This sweater dress and leggings keep my daughter comfortable while looking cute.

2. Let them have fun with accessories. Jessica's daughter chose about six pink bracelets, an initial necklace and a giant hair bow c/o MeggieKate Boutique on Etsy. She also claimed this Vera Bradley Grand Cosmetic bag for her own during this photoshoot, and because it's lined completely in waterproof plastic, I was fine with that! She wanted to feel like she was having fun, carrying a bag that matched Mommy's.

3. To keep them looking "nice" choose clothes with special details. These sparkly tuxedo leggings are special enough to make it look like I actually care that she's put together, but don't have any uncomfortable buttons or zippers.

4. Don't forget shoes that come off easily! If your child needs to go through airport security or be in their car seat for hours, taking shoes off easily is a must. No untying and re-tying shoelaces!

There you have it, our five holiday travel style types and tips!

We both ended up absolutely loving the new Vera Bradley Winter Colors, and obviously found a ton of fun ways to style them. We even started a Colorful Holiday Pinterest board with some other pieces that we're loving from Vera Bradley as well as other holiday fashion inspiration. These bags would also make amazing Christmas presents for just about any woman on your list, too. They're bright, fun, colorful, and practical, and we already have plans to give some to a certain couple of moms on our you get to decide if we're talking about our own moms or ourselves!

If you want to see more of the Winter Colors collection from Vera Bradley, you can follow them of Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can also make your own “Colorful Holiday” board on Pinterest (with the hashtag #vbwishlist) and then leave a comment on this post linking me to your board! We can't wait to see how you guys would style these bags for holiday travel, and you can also check out more of our outfits and style tips on our Outfits page!

~Jessica and Hilary

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  1. This was a really, really good post! As much for the very sound advice about dressing for travel as for the Vera Bradley bags. Although I'm loving that new color scheme. I would love to know what kind of longevity your bag has, maybe a followup note in a later post. My mom had one, and she loved it, but when she used it as a carry-on it the zipper didn't stand up to the stress of travel and she was disappointed. But I've got no way of knowing if that was a one-off, or is some kind of design flaw...

    1. That's a great point Suzy! I will be sure to let you all know how well they wear. If you're using this kind of bag for travel, it would be really important to know how long it's going to last (especially if you're going to spend almost $100 on it!) I will let you know!

  2. I don't tend to think of myself as a vera bradley person, either, but I like the bag you chose and the ways you styled it.

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    x John Setrodipo

  4. You did a fabulous job with this post and I agree, the bag is versatile, stylish, and practical. A great bag for quick little getaways. Would you be willing to share this post and any of your other great ones at our Making Monday link party? We would love it and think our readers will, too. Thanks. Have a great week.

    Lori @ A Bright and Beautiful Life

  5. Wao these tips are amazing. Your dressing style is great your pictures are looking nice. Thanks for sharing your tips with us.


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