Monday, October 7, 2013

The Vacuum Challenge: Part 2 (and the verdict is...)

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of BISSELL Homecare, Inc.. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey guys! Do you remember when I told you about my vacuum breaking? And how the people at BISSELL were awesome and let me try out one of their new PowerGlide Lift-Off vacuum? Well I'm going to show you guys all how it worked.


First off I want to say that we both feel very strongly about only reviewing products that we believe in, and being 100% honest about those reviews. We've actually turned down potentially free products and money because the products being offered weren't something we truly believe in. I've always been a staunch Hoover girl, but since Hilary already has a BISSELL steam cleaner and raves about it, I (Jessica) was willing to try out a vacuum on that recommendation, and I'm so glad I did!


With that in mind, I am so glad to say, that it didn't disappoint!


I was super, super impressed with how well this vacuum worked! I used it on my carpeted rugs, and it practically sucked them off the floor the suction was so strong! The best part was that it moved seamlessly between my rugs and my wood floors. My old vacuum couldn't do that, it kicked up all the crumbs and flung  them everywhere! So frustrating. I would literally have to vacuum and then sweep afterwards. While four kids are running around my house. Yeah, doesn't work so well.


I wanted to take this review a little further, though. Because BISSELL claims that this is the vacuum for "every room in the house," and it did prove to be just that. So I decided to take it outside of the house to the dirtiest place I know around my house. My Car.


First of all, the cord on this thing is 27 feet long. I was able to get the vacuum all the way around my car inside my garage, and I've never been able to do that with an appliance before! We keep an extension cord hanging in our garage for just that problem.


cleaning tips


So I was able to plug the vacuum in one time, then vacuum out my whole car! Check out how it worked on my back seat kid mess:



Yes, that was the back seat of my car (don't judge)...the left hand side was the before, and the right hand side is the after my new vacuum. Impressive, right? This is my son's car seat, before and after:



The TurboBrush® attachment was awesome! It was like a tiny little vacuum all on it's own, and sucked every tiny piece of goldfish, cracker and half-eaten (once again...??) crayon out of both the carpet and his car seat. I was. So. Impressed.


Hilary: As you all know, I love home improvement projects.  Anything from little home decor projects (any easy piece of wall art) to large scale ones (like my $40 bathroom floor).  I'll do anything to make my house look fancier.  However, the common denominator is mess!  Most house projects (and craft projects and sewing projects) can be messy!  This weekend, I finally convinced my husband to help me create a photo cluster in the living room (tutorial coming soon!) and I knew it would be messy.  Hanging one or two pictures can leave a little mess as the drywall crumbles onto the surface below.  But with my photo cluster, I (and by that, I mean my husband) would be hanging 8 large pictures (some with two hooks) in close proximity.  When Jessica asked I wanted to test out the BISSELL vacuum, I said yes!


So while my husband was hanging pictures, I first used it to vacuum my living room.  I have to preface my results with I had literally JUST vacuumed my living room with my own vacuum (which is less than a year old) before I went over it with the BISSELL.   Here's what the BISSELL picked up:


Gross.  That's a surprising amount of dirt and pet hair considering I had JUST VACUUMED!  So the suction is awesome and the vacuum has this really easy pivoting joint, so even though it is heavier than my current vacuum, its much much easier to steer!


Once my husband was done, I grabbed the longer hose (which is seriously longer than my current vacuum's) and cleaned it.  Check it out:


Wow.  One of my minor gripes with the vacuum is it came with an AWESOME pet hair brush attachment, but did not have a basic brush attachment.  I just used the blunt end of the hose.  However, the suction was so powerful, that a brush wasn't necessary, it just would have been a little easier.


So after using it, the pros are: great suction, longer cord, much longer hose, the lift-off cannister is great (I'll be using it to clean out my car) and really easy to manuever.  My gripes are no brush attachment besides the super powerful intense pet one and you have to empty the cannister through the bottom (although my new vacuum is the same way, maybe its a trend?).


So our verdict?  We love the BISSELL PowerGlide Vacuum and will be "fighting" over it for our various projects and houses/cars/lives!  I (Hilary) will be doing some SERIOUS bathroom renovations soon and will definitely use this vacuum again!


You can order them through their site (or at stores like Wal-mart or Target) and if you order through their site, you can enter the promo code: POWERGLIDE and get $20 off and free shipping on the PowerGlide Pet Vacuum with Lift-Off Technology (amazing!!!), the PowerGlide Pet Bagged Rewind Vacuum, or the PowerGlide Pet Vacuum through the end of November.  Check out BISSELL's site for more cleaning tips and don't forget to enter to win their fall sweepstakes through Facebook.


~ Hilary & Jessica

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