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Fall Festival of Guest Posters! Monster Eyes Halloween Wreath

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to be guest blogging over here at Domestic Bliss Squared.  I am Stephanie, from The TipToe Fairy.  To tell you a little about me...I love cooking, baking cupcakes, sewing, and all kinds of craftiness.

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I love to decorate for Halloween, both inside and out.  It's my absolute favorite holiday!  One of the easiest ways to make your house creepy festive for Halloween is making a fun Halloween wreath for the front door. Wreaths are so much cheaper to make, and they really aren't difficult.


I'm so excited to be sharing my wreath tutorial for all of you!  This tutorial uses that fancy deco mesh ribbon that's become quite popular.  With a few pipe cleaners and a super cheap wire wreath, it's a snap to make a wreath with deco mesh.

This tutorial is for a Halloween Monster Wreath. The monster has some sharp teeth and quite a few glowing orange eyeballs! I hope you have as much fun making it as I did.  It looks great from the street as you drive by.  You'll do a double take and think "what is that?"

Monster Wreath Tutorial

 photo null_zps89817c06.jpg

1 wire wreath
1 roll of 18 inch wide black deco mesh
1 pkg of black pipe cleaners - 25 count
12 count pkg of small Styrofoam balls
1 piece of white craft foam
1 piece of black craft foam
20 count battery operated lights ($5.97 @Walmart for $5.97 in Halloween dept - orange and has a timer)
Glue dots
Hot glue gun
Small piece of black tulle
2 black zip ties

1.  Attach a black pipe cleaner to the wire wreath at each section on the most inside wire and at each section on the outer most inside wire.

 photo null_zps1a10f4aa.jpg

2.  Gather the raw edge of the deco mesh and tie it the first inner pipe cleaner.  About every 10-12 inches, gather the deco mesh and fasten it to the inside pipe cleaners.  Do this all the way around.

 photo null_zps6df7a021.jpg

3.  Once you make it all the way around the inside, don't cut the deco mesh.  Just begin gathering after every 10-12 inches and fasten the deco mesh to the outside pipe cleaners - all the way around.  

 photo null_zps8385fae6.jpg

4.  If there is enough left, begin going around the inside pipe cleaners again, gathering every 10-12 inches to create a very full wreath.  When the deco mesh has gone all around the inside wire again, then cut it, and tie off the raw end with the pipe cleaner. 

 photo null_zps519835c1.jpg

5.  Open the battery case of the lights and insert batteries and test lights.  Now, flip the wreath to the back and begin attaching 4 lights together at the each wire section with one of the pipe cleaners used to attach the deco mesh.  Do this 5 times.

 photo null_zps51c80a25.jpg

6.  After the last set of lights, wrap the last of the lights cables around the battery case, then use both zip ties to securely attach the battery case to the wire wreath.  (I just cut the zip ties and replace batteries, then add new zip ties.  I find this the securest way to attach the battery case to the wreath.)

 photo null_zpsa1a8f69d.jpg

7.  Get all the pipe cleaners facing towards the back of the wreath and wrap them around the wires of the wreath to hide the ends.

8.  Cut 10 little black circles out of the foam.  Attach them to the Styrofoam balls with glue dots.

 photo null_zps8ba0398f.jpg

9.  Cut a row of teeth out of the white foam. Set aside.

 photo null_zps8e2319f6.jpg

10.  Using something like a screw driver or pencil, make 2 holes in the back of each Styrofoam ball to insert 2 lights. Then, insert the lights into each ball.

 photo null_zpsc8969852.jpg
 photo e9c24fc8-328c-4420-9dd4-9c754b506016_zps03700c5d.jpg

11. Carefully flip the wreath back over, and move the ball Styrofoam balls into the front with the deco mesh ribbon behind them.  Using a hot glue gun, glue them in place in pairs.

12.  Fluff the deco mesh, then attach the row of teeth at the bottom of the wreath in the ribbon.

 photo null_zpsad3cd98f.jpg

13.  Attach a piece of black tulle to the top for hanging.  Turn the lights!

You're Done! Have fun!


  1. Thanks so much ladies for allowing me to guest blog!!

  2. This so awesome I am going to try!
    Following you know! Please follow back! :D Will appreciate it!
    Red Alice

  3. Now that is cute! My kids would get a kick out of this! I popped over from Monday Funday-- thanks for sharing!

    ~Abby =)

  4. Oh my goodness! I bought some lights like that and still haven't figured out a use for them. This wreath is perfection. Just might have to make for my nephews ;) I'd love if you'd link up to my new party -

  5. I just love this wreath. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for. Thank you for linking this to the In and Out of the Kitchen Link party. I look forward to seeing what you bring next week.

  6. This is so cute and so creative and clever. Fabulous tutorial too. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

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