Wednesday, October 2, 2013

DIY Beauty: Clarifying Hair Treatment

As you may have noticed, lately I (Jessica) have been on a big DIY beauty kick! I realized the buildup from our hard water was effecting not only my towels and shower heads, but also my skin! So after I used my baking soda facial and had such amazing results, I decided that I also needed to deep clean my hair. I've been using hairspray and my DIY hair detangler daily, and blow drying my hair daily as well for a long time now. Lately I'd been noticing that my hair was greasier then normal, it seemed to be extra flat and just--lackluster. It was starting to feel a little stiff and crunchy all the time. Gross! Just like my towels.

So when I found this post on DIY hair detoxing over at One Good Thing by Jillee (an amazing site, you could lose yourself for hours!) I immediately decided to modify it a bit to make my own DIY clarifying hair treatment!

Check it out after the break:

DIY Clarifying Hair Treatment:

1. You will need a shampoo (any will work), coconut oil, and sea salt. That's it! Sea salt was really cheap, and coconut oil is so popular now that you can even find it at Winco!

2. Put three Tbsp of sea salt into a small bowl.

3. Add 2 Tbsp of shampoo and 1 tsp of coconut oil.

4. Mix together.

5. You can now apply it to your hair next time you shower! I was really skeptical about salt on my head, it seemed weird. But let me tell you...It. Felt. Wonderful. The salt was really stimulating, like a scalp massage! I applied half of the mixture to my scalp and gently massaged it in, then rinsed it out. Then I repeated the process again to make sure I had gotten rid of all the gunk accumulated on my hair. I then rinsed in cold water (Brrr!), conditioned like normal and let it dry without heat styling it.



It is now four days later and my hair still feels AMAZING! It was an instant transformation! My hair had tons of body, was super soft and I've even noticed that I'm losing less hair when I brush! It wasn't drying at all, which was what I was worried about. My hair feels like new, no crunchiness, no greasiness and it even doesn't require as much product or styling as it did before.

This is one DIY beauty treatment I can whole-heartedly recommend! I wouldn't do it any more then once a month, but I will be doing it again in 30 days you can be positive!



  1. I need this! So. Bad. Pinning until I can get my hands on coconut oil. Thanks!

  2. Wow, this seams great! my hair is always so dry after I wash it, maybe I need to have a DIY hair treatment as well. This sounds wonderful and I will have to try it some time! I just have to find coconut oil first (not as popular here in Norway)

  3. Oh my gosh, I need to try this immediately! Seems to simple!

    1. Jess it is! I was so skeptical that it would work, but I am a total convert. So easy and works SO well!

  4. I just bought some coconut oil the other day for my hair but didn't know about adding salt and shampoo. I'll definitely give this a go!

  5. Lush has a shampoo called "BIG" that has coarse salt in it, it makes your hair feel sooo good! I'll have to try this out - I'm sure it's pretty similar!

  6. This looks wonderful! I'm pinning it to try ASAP. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Follow up... I tried it and I LOVE it! My hair is so soft and feels extra clean! Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. Ooooh, I totally need to give this a try! I already have all of the ingredients and my hair can definitely use a pick me up!

  9. Awesome tip Ladies!, I'm really trying it! I love hair stuff and if it really helps having a lovely and healthy hair you got me!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


  10. I've done just an oil treatment with coconut oil and it made my hair feel so wonderful. I'm really intrigued with the addition of salt, I'll add it next time. Great tutorial! Stopping by from Lines Across.

  11. Sounds great, pinned fofuture reference...and will try it!

  12. Wow, looks amazing. I love your recipe for hair treatment. Would it be work for dry hair as well? I have dry hair and use the egg for smooth hair. I read an article about hair care for dry hair which has a different method. Here is the link of the article. you please tell me what should I use for my dry hair? Thanks for sharing.. Keep updating.

  13. Wow its great first time i am hear about this kind of treatment .

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