Thursday, September 19, 2013

An organized pantry: The school lunch station

Today's post is a quick and easy organizing tip for all the other busy moms our there. My (Jessica's) close friend Suzzy sent me these pictures of her super organized pantry lunch station, and I just had to share! It's such a great idea for anyone needing to get their kids ready in a hurry every morning.

Suzzy set aside a shelf in her pantry, and filled a few $1 bins with individual portions of snacks in little ziploc baggies:

She chose a mix of healthy snacks like sunflower seeds, pretzels and raisins with some treats like cookies. But all of them were snacks that no kid would complain about getting in their lunch!

Suzzy then used small ziploc baggies to divide up larger packages into individual portion sizes, enough to keep little tummies full until their after school snack. Then she made sure to choose a shelf that little hands could easily reach to put her bins on, so her kids could pack their own lunches on a busy morning.

There you go! Another easy tip from another busy mom like us all! I hope you all have an amazing weekend, and next week we have an exciting series of fall themed guest posts starting Tuesday. See you then!



  1. Fun post! You might want to check the top photo for typos... ;-)

    1. Ack! How embarrassing! But I still can't find it, will you point it out?

    2. He He...never mind! That's what happens when I try to work on the blog with no coffee! Thanks for the head's up!

  2. My pantry sure could use some organizing, thanks for sharing. ;o)


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