Monday, August 26, 2013

My wedding guest outfit! (Also, many shameless pictures of my friend's wedding)

This last weekend my (Jessica's) family took a road trip back to our hometown for the wedding of some dear friends. I'll warn you, instead of the usual 1,000 self-indulgent outfit pictures this post will have only 990 outfit pictures and the rest will be shameless promotion, an advertisement if you will, for the awesomeness of my friends and their big day.

Because what fun is it to have a friend with a blog if you don't get your faces plastered all over the internet occasionally?

So as the wedding was quickly approaching I had an *ahem* teensy little meltdown about what to wear. Why is it that big events always make me feel like I have no clothes in my closet? At least nothing that fits and/or looks good on my body. So after a panicked phone call to my stylist/personal shopper (i.e. my friend Scott) for some advice on what to wear, I asked everyone on Facebook to decide what I should wear to the wedding from my top three options. This is the dress that was chosen!

what to wear to a wedding outfit
Dress: Thrifted, $6/  Coach peep-toe wedges: thrifted $15/ Jennifer Lopez necklace: free with khol's coupon!/ Purse: thrifted vintage leather 70's Ruth Saltz Cougar bag, $6 (fall over dead price, people). Ruth Saltz was an iconic bag designer in the 70's. You can read more about her life and work here. This was a MAJOR find for me, as her bags are collector's items and this specific bag is in pristine condition.

As it turns out, my Facebook friends have great taste! Not two days after I posted this picture on Instagram of the final outfit and accessory selections, I found almost the exact same outfit laid out in my newest issue of People StyleWatch! Cobalt blue is apparently super trendy this fall. As a wannabe-style blogger you think I would have been on top of this news, but I had no clue. Facebook for the win!

what to wear to a wedding outfit

The location of the wedding was the stunningly gorgeous Arbor Crest Winery in Spokane, WA. My talented friend Kira took these outfit shots at some of the most amazing spots at the cliff top winery location (since my daughter was not in attendance).

what to wear to a wedding outfit

Can I just take a minute and tell you how stunning the location was? I mean take-your-breath-away amazing. There were so many lovely spots for pictures! There were incredible lush grounds and near 360 degree views of the city as the sun set. I was like a kid in a candy store! Both the location and the light was perfect...and did I mention Kira's talented? It was the holy trinity of outfit picture ingredients. Because I could have been wearing a paper bag and the background/lighting/photographer would have made it look like I did it on purpose.

what to wear to a wedding outfit

I tried to keep my makeup really, really simple, just a barely-smokey eye and a natural lipstick. I'd like to say I did this because I wanted to let the dress stand out, but honestly it's because I don't wear a lot of makeup, ever! (Confession time: in most of my outfit photos for the blog I have either no makeup on, or concealer and some chapstick, that's it! I don't like a lot of goop on my face.)

And now, on to the good stuff!

Like these two...

...they are just too sweet! And in case you're wondering, yes, he does look at her like that. All. The. Time.

The very dear Bride and Groom have been good friends to my family for a long time. The Bride is actually one of my husband's close friends since graduate school! Until our move to Idaho she and my husband worked together at two different companies, after going to school together for four years. We're gunning for them to move out here soon, too! (hint, hint HINT. Hear that guys?)

They are also some of the most stylish and quirkily fun people we know! These are the shoes they chose for the wedding, and it gives you a very good idea of their personalities. I mean, Bettie Page shoes under a traditional wedding dress! Seriously cool. And don't even get me started on the Converse, I own three different colors myself.

And it turns out they have some other super fun friends as well! One of the Bride's friends/coworkers did this awesome thing:

At first I thought she had changed dresses mid-reception, but no. SHE WORE HER DRESS BACKWARDS. I. Die. I could not believe how amazing her dress looked backwards! I bow down to her fashion ingenuity! Can you tell which one is backwards and which isn't?

And I finally got to meet the sassy Susan face to face! We've been Facebook buddies for over six months. Turns out, she and her hair are both even more awesome in real life! Who else can rock a lavender pixie cut? She's also one of the few people to "get" where my son's name comes from (a sci-fi novel of relative popularity that may or may not have a movie being released in November based on the book. Google it.) and so she is my hero.

I also had a blast with this guy:

This is Justin! I met Justin and his adorable wife Randi, and they helped me try out my new Nokia Lumia 928 smartphone. I'm trying it out for it's picture taking capabilities which are crazy good for a cell phone, especially in low light. Justin took my new toy off to God knows where and tested it out thoroughly for me. I even got video of the kiss! (Verdict: Does great, and allows for lots of customization, but doesn't have a good zoom. In case you were wondering.) I was just grateful to have someone who knew what he was doing help me test!

Not only did the Bride and Groom have cool friends and a fabulous location, but they had the coolest party favors ever! They rented a photo booth with unlimited photos, of which I made ample use. I love me a good strip of photo booth pictures! FYI, my photographer Kira is the blond on the left in the middle strip. And my husband is the handsome mug on the top right.

And since it was an outdoor summer wedding, they served a light (and gluten-free!) creamy curried squash soup that I must replicate, with a spinach strawberry salad and crusty cornbread on the side. Delish! Not pictured is the giant plate of the Best Macaroni and Cheese Ever that I stole from the kid's food table. Don't judge me.

As we finished eating and the dancing started I couldn't stop taking pictures of the sun setting over the city. (my husband will only dance if his cold dead corpse is prodded by hot cattle irons, so I had lots of time to take pictures) Isn't it incredible?

This could not have been a more perfect night for a more wonderful couple. Congrats guys!



  1. Grr I didn't see the fb post for outfit advice! Although, I'm pretty sure I would've chosen THIS dress! You look great, and you know your handbags!! Weddings are awesome..I have one next month :) maybe I'll do a what should I wear post, lol!

  2. Great pics and such a lovely wedding. Love the outfit. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, marty

  3. I feel so special! It was a wonderful, wonderful day. Made even better by the chance to meet YOU irl!

    1. Thanks Suzy! Although I wish you lived closer (just like everyone else there) because I get the idea we would hang out a lot...we have so much in common!

  4. aww, looks like a great wedding! and love your navy dress.

  5. Lovely photos! Visiting via the Casual Friday linkup :)

  6. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing all the lovely pictures...

  7. Thanks for the shameless plug! We got the hint, but unfortunately it is not gonna happen any time soon! You did get to dance with Scott! and you looked beautiful as always!!!! and Scott says it was the dress that he picked out in the first place! We look forward to seeing you soon and love reading your blog even without your shameless plug! We were SO UBER glad to see you and Husband and happy that you and Suzi Hit it off so well!!!!!!!!!!!! miss you!!!!!!!!!!

    Scott & Casey Stalter

  8. Beautiful outfit! And the weeding looked beautiful. I'm hosing a candle giveaway on my blog that you should enter!

  9. I love the color of that dress! It looks fantastic on you. Thanks for linking up for Favorite Fashion Friday. Hope to see you back tomorrow!
    Penniless Socialite


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  11. Great photos.Love your dress.

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  13. Looks gorgeous and will be a great resource for what I'm sure will be your fabulous wedding!

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  14. You looked absolutely radiant! The dress and headpiece are gorgeous. Congratulations and many happy wishes!

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  15. Oh my gods!!!!! Is your son's name Ender??? because if it is i think i'm going to die!!!! Orson Scott Card is a freaking genius, i have read the entire Ender's series and am now halfway into the Ender's shadow series. I love Ender, Bean, Valentine, Peter, and just about everyone so freaking much honestly I think that if I have a boy when I grow up I will probably name him Ender and a girl Valentine. Sorry honestly you don't understand how much more awesome I think you are now (not that I didn't think you were great to begin with) that I know you named your son after Ender.
    ...okay sorry got really exited there 'cause ender is an awsome name.

  16. I must also take this moment to say that I DID like all of the dresses tried on, but this particular purchase involved more than sensibility and logic. It involved YEARS of girlie imagining, fashion perusing and the heart of "Uptown Red Head!"

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  18. Wow, this wedding guest outfit is looking so gorgeous. The color of your dress is truly nice. My friend will also be having a royal blue themed wedding at grand garden corporate events Chicago and I am also going to buy such a pretty blue outfit for my ceremony. Thanks for inspiration.

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