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How to transition dresses into the fall, and a Shabby Apple dress giveaway!!

So as we're nearing the end of summer, the two of us here at Domestic Bliss Squared are SO excited to start thinking about fall clothes! But do you know what we miss the most about summer when temp starts to drop? The dresses! We miss wearing gorgeous dresses all the time. Dresses are so easy to throw on and look like you actually tried when you got dressed in the morning. When you put on a dress in the summer you can just add sunglasses and shoes and you're good to go! So easy.

The problem with dresses is that they can be harder to turn into a cool weather outfit then a top and jeans. So today we're pairing with the wonderful ladies at Shabby Apple to bring your our favorite layering pieces to take dresses into the fall and winter months, and we're giving away a Shabby Apple dress to one lucky reader!

So here we go, below are some of our favorite go-to pieces for bringing summer dresses into the fall and winter:
(If you're looking to enter the Shabby Apple giveaway RIGHT. NOW. you can scroll to the bottom. go ahead, we understand you're excited and we'll forgive you! )

For the details read after the jump:

1. A chunky scarf: This was the ubiquitous "must have" accessory for last fall/winter, and it doesn't look as if that trend is going anywhere in 2013! And thank goodness, because a gigantic chunky statement scarf can add texture and pattern as well as warmth to a boring outfit. This is a fantastic accessory to have in every color (Hilary says the brighter the better!). We even have a free pattern for you to crochet your own if you want!

2. Funky hat: A good hat will top off your outfit the way a bright statement necklace does in the summer. A darker color and material other then straw work best for winter.

3. Lightweight cardigan: These are just the most awesome pieces for layering and creating interesting fall looks. They can be worn closed or open, belted, and worn under other pieces to add as much visual interest and warmth as you need. You can see Jessica break down how she layered a lightweight cardigan and jacket to create a warmer outfit here. And in this post she shows you how to use a striped lightweight cardigan with a floral print for some easy pattern mixing.

4. Cargo vest: This is a fun and trendy item this fall. Audrey from Putting Me Together is the hands-down master of remixing the cargo vest for all seasons! You can check out her post on how to do it here. This vest would look fantastic over a dress with sleeves, or even layered over a jacket for interest.

5. Tall boots: These are great weather they have heels or not, black or brown, shiny or distressed. Tall boots and tights or leggings are what makes it possible for a woman to wear dresses and skirts all year round and still be warm!

6. Denim jacket: Jessica loves a good denim jacket, and she uses her favorite denim jacket  here, here and here to take dresses and layer them for cooler weather. This is a fall staple! And they just get better with age, a good denim jacket will last you for years and never goes out of style.

7. A leather jacket: This is the edgier, more dressed up version of the denim jacket. Skip the bright colors and funky cuts if you're looking for an investment piece. A classic cut in a neutral shade will last you for years. Target has some amazing and affordable faux leather versions every year, and Jessica's favorite black "leather" jacket is Target brand!

Do you know who makes some amazing dresses that deserve to be worn all year 'round? Shabby Apple!

Shabby Apple makes gorgeous dresses and is hugely popular for their vintage clothing style that's both modern and retro at the same time. They have a dress for every body and every taste, we promise!

After browsing for a looooong time, here are some of our favorites for taking you from summer into fall/winter:

1. Zig Zag Stardust Dress: This dress is perfect and fits right into the black and white trend that was so hot this summer. I love that it's a maxi dress but it also has sleeves, which will make it much easier to wear when the temperature starts to drop.

2. Desert Modern Dress: This dress is just perfect! While it's still warm you can wear it as, with cute flat sandals and statement jewelry. But it's also enough of a blank slate to do some really fun layering when it's cold outside.

3. L'Opera Dress: The texture of the top of this dress is gorgeous, and makes the dress stand out in a crowd. And because the top is so textured it also makes it a simple choice for fall as well. Add some tights, swap out the heels for booties, and throw on a cute belted cardigan and you're good to go!

4. Grand National Dress: This dress would be awesome for fall as is, and those tights the model is wearing are so cool! I love that there are two subtle textural differences on the top, and the sweetheart neckline in the steel grey makes this both sweet and edgy at the same time.

And SURPRISE!  The Grand National Dress (#4) is the dress we're giving away today! Jessica is especially super jealous of you all, because this dress is her favorite of the picks above. (Also the model's gloves have totally inspired us to buy black leather gloves this winter!)

Good luck everyone! This giveaway will end in one week, at midnight on August 28.

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We hope you guys are looking forward to fall as much as we are! If you're wondering what else is inspiring us about fall 2013, you can follow us on Pinterest to see the kinds of things we're excited to try out. We hope to see you there!

                   ~Jessica and Hilary 


  1. Nope. Not fall yet;) As much as I love a good chunky scarf, a leather jacket and my collection of blazers, I will hold on to every day I can keep bare legs and toes...

    1. Lol Jentine! Girl you're in Canada how is it not winter there yet? J/k, I'm the same way. I've been known to wear peep toe flats in the snow. Fashion over function, and also I hate socks.

  2. What a great post and giveaway!- and now that I'm seeing Fall and Winter decorations in stores I have to accept that summer is coming to a close :(

  3. Oh my what a great post!! I have been dreaming of getting the Grand National dress for several YEARS! I adore Shabby Apple, and that dress is amazing! Pick me! ;-)

    1. I totally hope you win now, Debbie! I'm rooting for you.

  4. Great ideas. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  5. Some great ideas! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  6. Hello dude, I did not know much more about the way to transition dresses into the fall, and a Shabby Apple dress giveaway but the allocation you did here makes me knowable. Keep up the good work :)
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