Tuesday, April 9, 2013

quick feather earrings tutorial, perfect for summer!

quick feather earrings tutorial

I made these (and two other pairs) in about 45 minutes minutes while watching Doctor Who last weekend. They are so fun and cute, I will be wearing these all the time this summer! Although I do love neutral clothes, I also love big, bold, colorful accessories! These will add a little polish to my jean-shorts-and-tank-top summer uniform.

The best part? They are amazingly simple to make! They only require a few jewelry findings and a couple of clamped feathers (I got mine in this craft supply haul).

You will need:

2 eye pins
2 earring hooks
2 pre-clamped feathers
2 turquoise beads
needle nose pliers
wire cutters

*this picture also shows two jump rings, ignore them! I didn't need them after all.

quick feather earrings tutorial

Put your turquoise bead on your headpin, then create another loop on the other side by cutting the straight side of your headpin off leaving about 1/3 of an inch, then wrapping the wire around your needle nose pliers make a second loop:

quick feather earrings tutorial

Open the loop on one side, and insert the top of the feather. Close it up again, tight!

quick feather earrings tutorial

This is what it should look like once it's closed back up:

quick feather earrings tutorial

Open the loop on the earring hook:

quick feather earrings tutorial

Slip your bead and feather combo into the open hook:

quick feather earrings tutorial

Close the loop again, and there you go! Gorgeous summer earrings:

quick feather earrings tutorial

There you have it. The stamped leather earrings in the picture above are another super easy pair to make, I'll have the tute for those coming up soon!


  1. Ah!! I've always wanted a nice pair of feather earrings!! I need to DIY my own.

    1. They were so easy! Each pair only took about 15 minutes!

  2. These are really cute! Great tutorial, I could totally so this :)

  3. I did not hear the name of feather earring, Images say that it's amazing. This earring make mt wife more beautiful in this summer. I will share this post and it's summary with my wife hope she can create some earring and save my money ha ha ha.... Best Mac apps

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