Friday, March 29, 2013

Thrifted outfit and pizza

This is what I wore this week, as the weather is getting warmer and I can wear some of my cute spring clothes:

thrifted outfit

thrifted outfit
please ignore my lack of makeup.

Cardigan: Ann Taylor (Thrifted). $6 (on a trip to visit Hilary over a year ago!)
Necklace: vintage, thrifted. $3
Tank top: thrifted on this trip. $4
Jeans: thrifted $4 (and refashioned by me)
Shoes: thrifted on this trip here, $3 

You may be wondering about the pizza box. I am holding it because while our friends from Wa were in town visiting we ate this:

thrifted outfit
It looks amazing, but it tasted so, so much better then I can describe!

We finally got to try Messenger Pizza in Nampa Idaho with our out of town visitors. It's amazing! This beauty is a goat cheese, sun dried tomato, roasted garlic, mushroom and chicken pizza on whole wheat crust. Bring on the drooling! We will be going back again, and again, and again...and again.


  1. Adorable outfit! I am a sucker for anything mustered yellow, and pairing it with that tanktop makes me love it even more. I love the pop of pink your shoes bring to it too.
    It's awesome too that you didn't pay a fortune for such a cute outfit.

    You can see what I wore here:

  2. Wow, you pulled this look off very well! And that pizza looks delish.

  3. Hello, I'm visiting via Thrifters Anonymous link up. I think you look so adorable in your thrifted outfit. Good job.

    That pizza looks so totally yummy, I can hardly stand it. Off to have a look around.

    Sue xo

    1. Thanks so much! The pizza was just crazy good. I want some more now thinking about it!

  4. Yum! I can tell that you LOVED the pizza. I want some too! I love the blouse. I can't wait to break out my warm weather clothes.


  5. Love the outfit and love the way that pizza looks! Looks so delish!

  6. I would love for you to come link up to my Tuesday Blog Hop!!

    xo Tori

  7. Great outfit! Pizza looks yummy! Thanks for sharing this at my Pin Me Linky Party. I hope you come visit & link again.

  8. ok first off...get that pizza out of my face! haha ughh it looks so yummy.... I also love that cardigan!! such a cute color..thrifted Ann Taylor makes me so happy..haha cuz I am sure it was sooo expensive!! LOVE Thank you for linking up to Thrifters anonymous...please share more!!!



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