Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Whip it up Wednesday: Cheater hummus

easy gluten free cheater hummus

On Sunday our two families got together to celebrate a time-honored all-American tradition: The Superbowl!

Hilary already showed you her crab-stuffed jalapeno poppers, and now I'll show you my addition to our feast, my (cheater) hummus!

People are always so impressed that I make my own hummus, which is ridiculous. It's so easy! Every time I bring it to a gathering people ask for the recipe and are shocked at how easy it is to make your own, especially when you take into account how much money they charge for that teeny tiny 8oz container at the grocery store. And this recipe is healthier and has less fat as well, because I cut the olive oil in half.

You will need:
3 cans of garbanzo beans (chickpeas)--I use the low sodium version
extra virgin olive oil
4-6 garlic cloves depending on how garlic-y you like your hummus (or powdered garlic)
lemon or lime juice
salt and pepper
a food processor or blender

Step 1: Peel your garlic and put it and about a Tbsp of olive oil in your food processor. Blend until you have little chunks of garlic. (If using powdered garlic skip this step and go on to step 2)

Step 2: Add your garbanzo beans. I drain two of my cans and leave the water in the third can and then combine them. This adds more flavor and also cuts down on the amount of olive oil you will need to use to make it creamy, which means less fat! Puree as much as you can without adding more liquids.

Step 3: Add lemon or lime juice and olive oil while continuing to puree, until it reaches your desired consistency. I like mine to be somewhat fluffy, not as heavy and thick as the store bought stuff, so I add a little bit more liquid. On average I'd say I add 3 Tbsp of lemon juice and another 6-8 Tbsp of olive oil. Make sure you taste test during this process!

Step 4: Add salt and pepper to taste and serve! We always crumble some feta cheese over ours too, and serve it with cut up veggies and wedges of pita bread. (Although for Hilary's party we just did veggies, we were trying to keep it light!)

You're done! And the whole process can literally be done ten minutes before a party.

You can make endless variations of this recipe as well, especially during the pureeing process. We've added roasted red peppers, raw onions (instead of adding more salt), sun dried tomatoes, roasted garlic, etc. I have heard of people adding other things like fresh peppers of various kinds, serving it with banana peppers or fresh tomatoes on top as well as feta, or warming it up over crackers or bread. 

As always, if you make this recipe let us know what you think! We just love to hear from our readers.



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