Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spring shopping--thrift store style

Lately I've been dreaming of blue skies, birds chirping and the ability to walk out of my house not wearing boots and heavy coats. And since I got rid of a full 2/3 of my clothes during our move from Washington to Idaho, I have been doing a teensy little bit of spring shopping.
At thrift stores, of course! I'm cheap like that.

So what I've been trying to do is buy more actual colors. It seems like everything in my closet is neutrals right now.

So I got this Target dress for $2.50:

A good start, right? Then I found this pink and white striped Old Navy cardigan for $3.98:

And because I had a buy one get one free coupon for this particular thrift store, this purple Target cardigan was FREE!

I found this vintage red belt for $1.35...

...and this pair of red earrings for $2.99:

Since I was looking for bright colors, this Fossil wallet fit the bill. It was $6, but it still had the original $65 tag attached! Craziness! But the bright yellow screams spring.

 I got this tan trench coat for $6.50. I've been looking for one like this forever! I'm going to take up the hem a bit though, it's too long for my frame right now.

I was doing so well, but then this black dress caught my eye for $3.99...

there's sort of color in there, I guess. I think I see some pink.
Then I completely derailed from my plan and bought this black shirt for $0.99:

And this black dress and black shoes for $3.99 and $4.99:

(No, I'm not going to wear it like this, I'm going to hack it up.)
But then I saved myself from being totally boring by getting THESE at Target for about $5 a pair!

Yeah buddy! Mock me if you must, but I will be trying out uber-trendy floral jeans this spring! I'm kind of excited. Hilary was dubious but encouraging.

So the grand total for everything is $47.28! Not too shabby for two pairs of pants, three dresses, two cardigans, a shirt, a belt, earrings, a brand new wallet and a trench coat! I'm not done of course, I'm already dreaming of warm enough weather to wear my new digs, and I'll be back to show you what I did with the pieces I bought to refashion.


  1. That first dress is awesome. Love it. You found some really great stuff. I love a good bargain too. Nice to meet you, dawn suitcase vigenttes

  2. You got so much great stuff for your spring wardrobe! I can't believe you scored those floral jeans for only $5! Thanks for linking up :)

    The Tiny Heart
    February Group Giveaway!

    1. I love those jeans too! I'm just trying to figure out what to wear with them right now, they're tough!

  3. I am in love with those floral jeans! That Fossil wallet was an amazing find. Thanks for linking up!
    Penniless Socialite
    Target Gift Card Giveaway!

    1. Thanks! The Fossil wallet was kind of my favorite, now if only I can convince myself to put it in my purse with all the baby bottles, crackers and diapers...lol! I always seem to want to horde my favorite finds!

  4. That pink cardigan is a definite winner.

  5. okay, nice to meet you. I finally find another thrifty shopper. Come aboard. I'm #23 at this meme. My Outfit today was whoppin' $18!!! See we can be great friends.

    1. I went and checked out your blog and followed you on GFC! It's always great to have more thrifty friend!

  6. What awesome finds! I especially love the red belt.

  7. Amazing finds, I'm a little jealous :) ;)

  8. I got that purple and orange dress too... Please wear it and model it so I know how to wear it..you're a good clothes model... thanks..

  9. I love the belt, the wallet and the jeans!

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