Friday, February 1, 2013

Pinterest Friday: Sharpie Mug Redo!

Remember this?  Last Friday, Jessica posted her Sharpie Mug of Doom project (which is actually my birthday gift!) and how it didn't, *ahem,* work so well.

diy sharpie pen on mug
Yeah, not so great.  Great quote, awesome project, execution...questionable.
So, after researching a little more, Jessica decided to redo the project with a ceramic pen, which is designed to work on already glazed ceramic (mugs, plates, etc.).

We went to THREE craft stores looking for this bad boy.  We finally found one at Hobby Lobby and had an awesome afternoon of shopping to boot!

diy sharpie pen on mug

So we tried again and this time it worked.  We bought two mugs for $.98 at Winco and got started!

diy sharpie pen on mug
Jessica's on the left, mine on the right. Of course, both have coffee in them.
And Jessica redid my gift.

diy sharpie pen on mug

Jessica's daughter saw her making the mug and wanted to be part of the project.  Jessica found a few old, white plates and ta-da!  Awesome craft project for little kids!

diy sharpie pen on mug

The project was easy, quick and we got some awesome dishware out of it.  I have a million gift ideas in mind now....

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  1. Hey, these are darling! :)
    In response to your question on my blog about the Avengers T-shirt...they wash up perfectly. I haven't had any problems, and I have boys! :) I just turn them inside out and then wash normally. If you do notice the transfer peeling up, you can put a light cloth over and re-iron, but I haven't had to yet. :)


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