Monday, February 11, 2013

Men's shirt refashion and a (mostly) thrifted outfit

Several months ago, before The Move to Boise, I purchased this shirt from the thrift store:

Men's thrift store shirt refashion
Also not great with gray PJ pants.

It was $6.99, which is usually a little rich for my blood at a thrift store, but I loved the blue and white gingham, and I loved that it was lined with a light blue and white pinstripe pattern. It had some serious problems though, not the least of which were the sleeves being waaaaaay to long! I fiddled with it and fiddled with it (and packed the unfinished piece and took it with us across state lines) and finally I came us with this:

Men's thrift store shirt refashion

Men's thrift store shirt refashion

Men's thrift store shirt refashion
The cutie in the pink coat is my Girly. She wanted to be on "mommy's blog"

I took it up, re-hemmed the bottom and cut a new curved hem with slits in the sides. I also took the sleeves off completely, shortened them, took them inside out to show off the complimentary lining fabric, and re attached them again at the shoulders. And lastly I look it in by about four inches on each side.

 Basically the only thing I kept from the original shirt was the button placket and the collar, but at last I have a shirt that I can actually wear!

And I did wear it today. Despite how chilly it still is here the family and I went on a good long walk to get some sunshine and exercise. This is what I wore:

Men's thrift store shirt refashion
I look soooooo serious, but really my husband was making fun of my "silly model feet" to try and get me to smile...

Men's thrift store shirt refashion
...two seconds later I busted up laughing!

coat: Forever 21, Goodwill $5.99 
button down shirt: Gap, thrifted from Savers and refashioned $6.99 
skinny jeans: (taken in on sides) Goodwill, $3.99
leopard flats: Target fall of '12 (Hilary has the exact same pair!) $16.99
sunglasses: Revlon from Sears Optical, FREE (it pays to coupon!*)
gold stud necklace: Forever 21, a gift from my mom
belt: Goodwill, $0.99

TOTAL: $34.95

It just goes to show you that between thrift stores and learning how to do basic sewing alterations yourself you can save a ton of $$ and still look cute!

*I follow for my couponing deals and steals. Collin actually just moved to Boise last year as well, and her blog is where I found the amazing coupon for my free pair of $99 sunglasses!

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  1. Love this refashion! I am about to purge my whole closet and my husband has too many button up's to count that need to go! Would love for you to share at the party tomorrow! xo Bridgett

  2. Great work - I love the contrasting sleeves

  3. That is truly a really cool men's shirt alteration--the best one I've seen yet!

  4. What a cute refashion! I also like the jacket - can't believe what fabulous deals you found at Goodwill too!! Found you via the What I Wore Wednesday linkup
    Nikki at

    {Enter My Giveaway for a Monogram Leather Clutch Here!}

  5. I love what you did with the shirt. Turning the sleeves inside out was genius!
    Thanks for linking up.
    Penniless Socialite
    Jewelry Giveaway!

  6. I love your remake. It fits you fabulously! Great job. I love a good thrift store remake. :)

  7. Thank you all so much! I love my new shirt, although I wasn't sure about the sleeves at first. Good to know people like them that way!

  8. Simply amazing, i never thought you can refashion a men's shirt this way, my husband has several old shirts like these, lets see what i can do with them, thanks for sharing.


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