Thursday, January 31, 2013

thrift store finds!

I've been checking out the local thrift stores here around our new house. It's a little bit more hit or miss then I'm used to, my local Goodwill in Washington was huge and well stocked, and it's a bit different here for sure! We are now living in a much more rural area which makes for slimmer pickings at the thrift stores.

But I still managed quite the haul yesterday!

This clutch was $0.95. It opens up into a full wallet, and I needed a new wallet.

thrift store finds

This cardigan will be great as the weather here in Idaho is starting to warm up into the '50's during the day. Nice and light and I love the lace inset on the back! It was $3.95.

thrift store finds

thrift store finds

This skirt is awful at first glance, but I am going to hem it and make it into something fabulous. I love the combonation of the chevrons and the polka dots, and the dark blue and tan colors are cute too. And it has pockets! It was $1.95! I can experiment with refashions for that price.

thrift store finds

I know, I know! It looks ugly, but I think as a flippy short skirt it will be really cute. And look at the pockets! I really love pockets.

I got this heinous piece of 1970's wall art as another DIY project, it was only $0.95 and there were two of them. Hilary and I have big plans to spray paint these and use them as wall art in the Girl's rooms.

I also found a couple of treasures for my Girl, she was thrilled to find a full set of these Disney princess magnetic paper dolls for only $1.35!

These things have well paid for themselves in entertainment value in just the last 24 hours. Seriously.

thrift store finds

 I also found this Little Mermaid play set for her, she is obsessed with mermaids and the ocean right now and has approximately 1,000 of those tiny Disney princess polly pocket dolls. Now her five mermaids have a home! (And for $1.95 I can actually feel somewhat ok about adding to her toy collection.)

In addition I also got a book for the Dude (which he's already eaten part of--sigh) and a book for myself. Grand total? $12.29 after tax! Did I mention that Idaho has less sales tax then Washington? I am SO loving it here!



  1. That skirt will be really cute- I see your vision! I love thrifting too!


    1. Thanks! I am obsessed with it, it's going to be different thrifting here then it was in Washington, but I'm enjoying the challenge!


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