Friday, January 18, 2013

Pinterest Friday: Recycled t-shirt bracelets

I've been making some of these recycled T-shirt bracelets lately, they're really simple. I simply cut up some old T-shirts into strips and braided them together, then sewed them together at the back.

I love using them at the gym, they're kind of a fun accessory and when I get them sweaty from wiping off my face I can throw them into the washing machine with my gym clothes! I feel like they're a little more stylish then a gross old hand towel, you know?

I didn't really use a single tutorial for this project, but sort of cobbled together a couple of them.

I used the braiding and sewing techniques from this Pin from Henry Happened:

And the cool center knot technique from this Pin from Cook Collect Create:

I love recycling old T-shirts, and this project was quick and fun, something I can do while watching TV and between kids demanding my attention.


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