Friday, January 11, 2013

Pinterest Friday: Amigurami Doctor Who

We are more then a little obsessed with Doctor Who in our house. My Girl has been known to run around shrieking "Exterminate! Exterminate!" and my husband and I wait with baited breath for Saturday nights. Since the Doctor is so much a part of our family life, I thought that the Dude should probably be indoctrinated early before he has a choice. I searched until I found a few patterns that I loved and started my project.

It's David Tennent as the 10th Doctor Who! In amigurami form! Epic. I decided he would be the perfect way to try out crocheted plush characters.

That was a mistake.

I started him in September, and finished him two days before Christmas. His hair was a NIGHTMARE to do, and hand sewing all those teeny tiny pieces together was horrible. I don't know why people crochet stuffed animals! I'm used to sewing them, you cut out your pattern pieces and then sew them together, easy. When you crochet amigurami you have to not only sew them together by hand, but you have to make the actual pieces! Why?!?!

The next time I crochet a plush anything, it will be a ball.

But he did finally get done, albeit three months later. Here is my crocheted Doctor with my son's toy T.A.R.D.I.S.

amiguarmi doctor who

I've actually posted about him before, briefly, in our first "What We're Loving" post of 2013.

Final Verdict: I would never, ever do this again. Tiny crocheted Converse...what was I thinking? But objectively the only problem I have with this pattern is that the instructions for the hair are almost unreadably bad. And in no way is that the way she did the hair for the Pin above. Other then that, it was pretty surprisingly straightforward.


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