Thursday, January 17, 2013

Boot Cuffs Crochet Pattern...Free!

free crochet boot cuffs pattern

I had a friend who was dying for some boot cuffs, and I've been wanting to figure them out for a while now. I agreed that if she would supply the yarn I would make up a couple of pairs for her. Turns out, they're super easy to make!

The Tan ones are a smaller version, the friend who they were for has very slim legs:

free crochet boot cuffs pattern

These grey ones were a gift for the friend who originally requested them. She bought the yarn and I tested out the pattern:

free crochet boot cuffs pattern

Sl St: Slip Stitch
Dc: double crochet
ch: chain

You will Need: 
An H hook (5.0-5.0)
A worsted weight yarn, I used Caron Simply Soft, because that's what I had on hand!

1. Ch. 20
in second st from hook, dc 1.
2. dc 1 in each st (total of 18)
ch 2, turn
3. continue for 24 rows*. Sl st to join, leave the tail long.
4. Use a yarn needle to sew the edges of your rectangle together tightly, right sides facing.
tie off ends
5. scallop the edges--I found that 8-10 scallops looks best, I just tried to keep my scallops as even as possible as I worked my way around, making sure each scallop spanned the same number of the ends of the vertical rows**

*You can do more or less rows depending on the size of the leg you're using your boot cuff on. I found that 24 was the most versatile, but the tan boot cuffs only have 20 rows (for my friend with slim calves), and the blue has 25 rows.

**There are some great tutorials on how to scallop an edge, the best ones I found were here and here.


  1. YAY, these look perfect. I have a friend who wants some too. They are expensive in stores and I said to supply the yarn and I will make them. Thank you for making it free for the pattern. I will give you credit for the pattern if i post them anywhere.

  2. My granddaughter loves to wear boots. I bet she would love these. I'm going to make her a pair or two. She's only 13 and a very girlie girl.

  3. Well, I think those looks adorable over narrow & slim calf boots.

  4. Do you think these would look good for a lady that has a 14 in. calf? Also, does the scalloped edge fold over if you wear them for a long day long like some of the boot cuffs I see pictured on Pinterest?

  5. I love these, and they are sooo easy to make! Great for gifts. Thank you for sharing this pattern. I revamped it a bit to make it uniquely my own. God bless.

  6. How do u do scallop edges? I've never done them

  7. I was wondering the same thing. How do you do the scallops?

  8. Scallops are usually 4-6 double crochets in one stitch and then 2 stitches are skipped before repeating

  9. I've just recently found your page and love the boot cuffs. I was wondering about what size calf they might fit? If you don't have the person to be able to test them. If their calves measured 15" around, would I need to increase the amount of rows I do?

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  11. Hello. Ineed need help! I'm confused about the scallops. The usual pattern would be skip two slip st and skip two, but this makes the scallop way off the vertical row. So how would you move from scallop to scallop in this pattern? Also did you use a smaller hook to get the 8 db st in one scallop? The one edging I did do ended up with a bigger circumference than the actual cuff. Thank you in advance. Merry Christmas

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  15. How many DC are in a row total including the 2?

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