Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A little History and a BIG Announcement!

The history of US! (for the big announcement, scroll past the nostalgia)

Summer 2010
Hilary and I (Jessica) have known each other for about nine years now, since we started dating brothers and eventually married them. We really bonded and became best friends during our first pregnancies with the Girls in 2008. 

The blue is because we thought my daughter was a boy! BOY were we wrong!

The Girls are only two months apart, and we even had a joint baby shower! During our pregnancies we talked almost every day. And after we had the Girls we kept each other sane as we took our initial steps into motherhood together. 

"Hey Cuz'! Let's go drool on some stuff!"
The Girls met in March of 2009. Here they are, checking each other out for the first time. Hilary and I have always tried to do a bi-yearly trip to see each other, but this was our first one ever. We had so much fun my Girl and I went back three months later!

We saw each other again at the reunion camping trip for our husband's side of the family in 2010:

Summer 2010, with the Girls...I've never noticed before that they are dressed identically in this picture!
Then we didn't see each other until 2011.

At our favorite coffee shop in Idaho!
During this time we both struggled painfully with various health issues, not the least of which was trying to get pregnant (at the same time). But once again we were able to share our hopes and dreams and frustrations and build on our already amazing friendship. Then in September of 2011 Hil and her husband and daughter made the trip to visit us in WA, and we both had a secret...

September 2011 can't tell, but we are both in our first trimester in this picture! 

That's right! God decided not just to bless us both with pregnancies, but at almost the same time!

We even kept up our tradition of seeing each other bi-yearly by having me visit Hil in Idaho when I was almost six months pregnant:

Winter 2011
Then we had these little monsters in 2012, they are only two weeks apart!

The one on the left is the Dude, but will you check out the knee fat on my nephew?
That's right, we both had BOYS

And while the boys got to meet in September of 2012, the Girls were also so, soooooo happy to see each other again:

They "cheers-ed" matching dresses instead of champagne
So were their Mommies!

Looking fly at our cousin-in-law's wedding
For those of you guessing that we're pregnant again, you're WRONG! We have even MORE exciting news! For five years we've talked on the phone almost every day, logged countless hours skyping and texting and spent God knows how much money on airplane tickets, and finally...



That's right, the Washington sister is moving to Idaho!

We are so excited and blessed to finally (after years of plotting and planning) go from being "two sisters in two states" to "two sisters in ONE state (and one city)!"


  1. I'm so excited for you guys!!!! :o) And secretly, or not so secretly now, :o) so envious of your friendship!

    1. I'm excited to see everyone again too, and we will have to do a big group girl's night!


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